Tuesday, July 28, 2015

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Welcome to the AVC budget information page

State leaders see more financial challenges ahead for California community colleges in the 2012-13 budget year that starts July 1.

We want our students and the community to be aware of what could be ahead for colleges as political leaders work out details for the next budget.

The following link contains a recorded webinar providing details on the community college budget proposed by Gov. Jerry Brown.

The following link provides an overview of the state budget and Gov. Jerry Brown's proposed 2012-13 budget for community colleges.

The next link shows the projected gain/loss to Antelope Valley College in 2012-13 with the passage or failure of a November 2012 tax initiative. (Go to the menu to find the projection for "Antelope Valley.")

Latest Budget Forecast

To see how the state budget will affect community colleges, see the Community College League of California's site, and choose a college from the drop down menu, or to see the specific impact to AVC, visit the CC League's AVC information site.

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