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Last Updated:
Thursday, October 24, 2013

Business, Computer Studies, and Economic Development: Faculty & Staff

Department Office

  • Main Office Number: 661.722.6300, extension 6370

Administration & Staff

Name Title Extension
Dr. Tom O'Neil Dean 6370
Christi Crosby Admin. Assistant 6171


Name Title Number
Stacey Adams F/T Professor, Accounting 6377
Dr. Ed Beyer F/T Professor, Computer Applications 6374
MaryAnne Holcomb F/T Professor, Business 6381
Donna Meyer F/T Instructor, Business 6682
Kathy Moore F/T Assoc. Professor, Computer Apps. 6378
Ron Mummaw F/T Professor, Computer Information Science 6379
Sharon Adam Adjunct, Accounting and Computer Apps. 2167
David Adams Adjunct, Business 2266
Allen Andrews Adjunct, Computer Apps. 2261
Kathleen Ballestero Adjunct, Office Tech. 2718
John Berry Adjunct, Bus./Mgt./Mktg. 2079
Richard Biritwum Adjunct, Computer Apps. 2021
Jimmie Bowen Adjunct, Computer Apps. 2602
Violet Christopher Adjunct, Business & Mgt. 2965
Maria Colman Adjunct, Business, Mgmt., and Marketing 2446
Bridget Cunningham Adjunct, Office Tech. 2292
Tristan Greenleaf Adjunct, Real Estate 2050
Larry Hales Adjunct, Business Law 2336
Chris Hamilton Adjunct, Business and Real Estate 2511
Barbara Hargett Adjunct, Office Tech. 2295
Jim Hensel Adjunct, Computer Apps. 2158
Rick Hoffman Adjunct, Computer Information Science 2954
Mark Ivey Adjunct, Computer Information Science 2128
Dennis Kallemeyn Adjunct, Computer Apps. 2605
Chuck Kokoska Adjunct, Business 2284
Daniel Ledbetter Adjunct, Business 2142
Dr. Adam Lee Adjunct, Computer Information Science 2453
James "Roe" Leer Adjunct, Real Estate 2917
Lela Lemell Adjunct, Business 2216
Gail Lofdahl Adjunct, Business & Office Technology 2658
Wayne Lynch Adjunct, Accounting & Computer Apps. 2611
Shannon Macias Adjunct, Accounting 2277
Danny McMahon Adjunct, Computer Apps. & Real Estate 2324
Kent Moser Adjunct, Computer Apps. 2294
Zaida O'Connor Adjunct, Office Technology 2395
Kathy Osburn Adjunct, Business 2019
Robert Plunkett Adjunct, Business Law 2262
Robert Price Adjunct, Computer Information Science 2316
David Ranish Adjunct, Business & Real Estate 2990
Amber Rosales Adjunct, Real Estate 2455
Tim Ross Adjunct, Computer Apps. 2449
Mark Ruelas Adjunct, Accounting 2450
Jason Schalow Adjunct, Computer Information Science 2385
Ken Scott Adjunct, Accounting 2163
Deborah Sullivan-Ford Adjunct, Business & Office Technology 2923
Dr. Martin Telezing Adjunct, Accounting & Business 2966
Roland Thomas Adjunct, Computer Apps. 2279
Terry Tretter Adjunct, Computer Apps. 2286
Larry Veres Adjunct, Bus./Mgt./Mktg. 2910
Dr. Tatiana Verren Adjunct, Accounting 2400
Sam Vitale Adjunct, Computer Apps. 2309
Cindy W. Walter Adjunct, Business & Management 2311
Sharon Wilson Adjunct, Computer Apps. and Office Tech. 2058
Lori Young Adjunct, Computer Apps. & Office Technology 2668
Dr. Stephen Young Adjunct, Business 2465