Corporate & Community Services: Food Handler Certificate

State law requires food service establishments to train their staff in accordance with an approved Certified Food Handler Program. This course uses the ServSafe program offered by the National Restaurant Association and meets state requirements. Topics of instruction by Debra Smith will include: hygiene, sanitation, food storage, health regulation and basic work skills.
Fee: $140

What Students Are Saying...

“Great Class Thank you very much.”

“Great help, great teacher!”

"I enjoyed this class, very informative, learned alot. Very interesting."

"Learned alot, very well instructed."

"Fourth time taking it...never have failed."

"If I am still at my job in another 5 years, I will be back to Debra Smith's class. Very well spoken. Knows her stuff. I don't want to take this class with anyone else. This is my 2nd time with her. I really learned alot."

"Debra is a great teacher. I was pleased she was still here. I had her 5 years ago. Thank you so much."

"Well taught class."

"Very helpful being in this class. Learned some new things."