Corporate & Community Services: Fundraising Fundamentals

"Unlike sales," says Dr. Drew, "Fundraising requires exceptional political, interpersonal, and research skills." In this workshop, the award winning author, trainer, and consultant introduces simple but proven ideas for success now. Participants will learn how fundraising has evolved, and how new software, New Raiser's Edge and Fundraiser, will make it easier to track donors and reduce the pressures of a face-to-face request.
Fee: $65   (Material Fee: $34 at class)

About the Instructor

John Drew

John Drew is known in the Southern California area as an author, an award-winning teacher, and as a speaker on public opinion polls, grant-writing, and charismatic leadership.  Combining his market research skills with fundraising expertise, John has helped turn around some of the Southland’s most famous charities including the Museum of Latin American Art, the Friends of the Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts, the Los Angeles Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and Walking Shield American Indian Society.  John has taught at Cornell University, Hope International University, University of Oregon, and Williams College in Massachusetts.   He and his wife Patricia have lived in Laguna Niguel, California since 2003.

What Students Are Saying...

“Dr. Drew gave an excellent presentation of the material.”

“Enjoyed the class and learned a lot. Gave me hope for the future to run a home business; and how to get started as a Grant Writer.”

“Dr. Drew was innovative easily understandable and very approachable. He knew the subject matter very, very well.”

“The class was very fun and informative. I would take another class that the instructor taught.”

“Very good class presentation. Dr. Drew made it very understandable.”

“This workshop was very informative and enjoyable.”

“Great program!”

“I enjoyed the class and the information was very helpful for me to use in finding funding for my non-profit organization.”

“Very empowering class.”

“Class was excellent, very informative.”

“I learned a great deal and thoroughly enjoyed your class Dr. Drew!”

 “I enjoyed this class very much and I feel confident about obtaining my license. The instructor was great and his life experience was very helpful.”