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Friday, April 24, 2015

Antelope Valley Regional Science Olympiad

The 2013 AV Regional Science Olmpiad will take place March 16, 2013 at Antelope Valley College. This event will host 20 middle school teams competing in the areas of science concepts and knowledge, scinece process and inquiry skills, and science application and technology.

During the 2012 Bohn-Meyer Science Olympiad Showcase at Antelope Valley College, Over 250 students from tweleve elementary and middle school comprising 16 teams participated in eight events designed to test and encourage STEM skills. Medals were awarded to the top three scoring teams in each event.

Students also had the opportunity to speak with numerous STEM professionals throughout the event. A Special tribute was given to Marta Bohn-Meyer and the legacy she has left for the advancement of aviation, aeronautics, and space exploration.

The Olympiad was sponsored by Antelope Valley College, NASA/Aero Institute, Lockheed-Martin Corporation, and the Los Angeles Department of Education. The Science Olympiad featured eight competitions designed to give the students practical application of the science and math lessons learned in the classroom. The eight activities included Bridge Building, Anatomy, Crime Busters, Egg-O-Naut, Mystery Architecture, Trajectory, Reach for the Stars and Write It, Do It.