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Stemming from practices in Hollywood, contemporary fine art, illustration, and digital media, the artists of Monster and Hybrids:  Creatures of Impulse share a compulsion for inventing and reformulating biological forms.  This exhibition examines the conceptual processes and imaginative mechanisms these artists use to forge meaning through this practice.  
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PhotoVoice: Look at Me – Disregard the Labels

PhotoVoice pairs photographs and narratives to express the stigma, prejudice and discrimination personally experienced by those who live with mental illness. Organized by Mental Health America and created by its participants, this grassroots movement is both expressive and educational, granting a voice to those not typically heard in public discourse or debate
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Gigantomachy explores how artists conjure fantastic characters and surreal interactions to echo the emotional experiences that punctuate daily, domestic existence.  These works by Jamie Combs, Dara Engler, Tom Miller, and Kate Savage playfully engage the way in which we attempt to conceive our own character arcs and narrative progression through the grander storylines of our shared cultures.
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California State Prison Los Angeles County: Progressive Art Program

California State Prison-Los Angeles County Chaplain Abdul-Wahab Omeira, a coordinator for the CSPLAC Progressive Art Program, has arranged for the donation of a collection of artwork from the program to be sold as a fundraiser for the Antelope Valley College Foundation.  Artists in the program have chosen to donate the proceeds of their work toward the AVC Foundation in support of AVC students. 
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The Antelope Valley College Art Gallery is excited to present UNDER CONSTRUCTION, a group exhibition of works in progress.  Each artist’s installation includes various materials, including preliminary works, sketches, notes, and research material, to demonstrate their cognitive process and studio practice. 
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Lines that Matter: Marthe Aponte

The Antelope Valley College Art Gallery is honored to present Lines That Matter, a solo exhibition by Marthe Aponte.  Although a long practitioner and collector of visual art, Aponte’s most recent commitment to the studio over the last few years has resulted in an explosion of new and evocative work.  While “retrospective” seems too heavy-handed a term for such up and coming work, Aponte’s breadth and insightful development signal the reflection of a mature, self-aware artist.  Both Aponte’s work and biography traverse the traditional dichotomies that seemingly separate “art” from life.
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Cross Currents: Ji sun Park and Anthony Ragucci

The Antelope Valley College Art Gallery is proud to present Ji sun Park and Anthony Ragucci in a joint exhibition exploring their common touchstone of place, South Korea.  Originating from and now living on opposite sides of the globe, these two artists sensitively negotiate closeness and distance to understand how place operates as a conceptual medium.  The title CROSS CURRENTS refers not only to the artists’ biographical geographies, but also to the transmissions and interchanges that occur between two such different yet connected bodies of work, together formulating an amorphous and evolving picture of place.
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Dwellings: An Exhibition of the Los Angeles Experimental Artists Group-II

The AVC Art Gallery is proud to host the Los Angeles Experimental Artists Group-II in a group exhibition of new work.  The LAEA Group-II fosters mutual creativity, with members continually learning new methods and teaching these techniques and approaches to each other. This year the artists are uniting around the theme of DWELLINGS, incorporating many different media and techniques. Dwellings evokes conceptions of abodes, buildings, and homes, but, as the German philosopher Martin Heidegger explained, this theme also includes nature (the seasons, the cycles of life, the growth of living things, etc). 
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VISIONETICS: The Mystique of 35 mm Film. New works by Lee Bergthold

The Antelope Valley College Art Gallery is proud to present AVC photography Professor Lee Bergthold’s most recent body of works in Visionetics: The Mystique of 35 mm Film.  Bergthold offers a mysterious and mythical photographic view in his use of a manual 35 mm camera and film.  Using a manual Nikon camera, he takes various scenes of his students during classroom photo demonstrations and then re-exposes the negatives with distant locations using the same camera and rolls of film.
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COLLECTIVE RESIDENTS: New Encaustic Works by Erin Anfinson and Sarah Rowland

The Antelope Valley College Art Gallery is proud to present two new bodies of encaustic works by Erin Anfinson and Sarah Rowland in Collective Residents.  Employing non-traditional approaches to this wax-based media, the encaustics create a vivid, tactile dialog about interior space, accumulation, and the residue of historical events in one’s life.
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The Antelope Valley College Art Gallery is excited to open its 2012-2013 season with Deconstruction | Reconstruction, a solo exhibition by Ashley Hagen.  Her featured work, Sinister within the Sweet, outfits a tower of stacked pallets with meticulously crafted miniature interiors. Despite the tower's unstable appearance, Sinister within the Sweet prompts close investigation and initiates a quiet, nostalgic experience. 
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In Search of Clarity: Three Perspectives on Iran

The Antelope Valley College Art Gallery is proud to present the work of Arezoo Bharthania, Farnaz Sabet, and Shilla Shakoori in the group exhibition In Search of Clarity: Three Perspectives on Iran.  Working in installation, mixed media, and ceramics, these three Iranian-American artists explore complicated relationships with their home culture.  Confronting charged political topics, the artists sensitively navigate those fissures between cultural identity and state.  While Iran the country becomes a shifting concept that is both personal and impermeable, intimate and alien, an enduring, solid voice emerges through these works as the Iranian people.  Together, Bharthania, Sabet, and Shakoori probe the meaning and location of cultural identity under political upheaval.
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Wally Gilbert: Patterns and Recognition

Mr. Gilbert's explorations in photography and, more recently, in digital drawing, are often conducted in series, each tackling a specific formal challenge.  In addition to exemplifying his delight in color and form, Mr. Gilbert describes his work as a "search for depth beyond the picture plane and for mystery."  Throughout his formal investigations persists the idea of the fragment, which is detached, repeated, and restructured into rhythms and patterns. 
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A Trip in Paris

"A Trip in Paris" is a collaborative stop-motion animation that was conceived, drawn, and created  by Antelope Valley College students with Sarah Klein, curator and animator of the festival Stop & Go Rides Again.  The piece was created during an animation workshop lead by Sarah Klein and hosted by the AVC Art Gallery on November 18, 2011. 
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