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Lines that Matter: Marthe Aponte

Exhibition dates:  April 8 – May 10, 2013
Opening Reception:  Thursday, April 11, 7 p.m. – 9 p.m.
Artist Talk at 7:15 p.m.

The Antelope Valley College Art Gallery is honored to present Lines That Matter, a solo exhibition by Marthe Aponte.  Although a long practitioner and collector of visual art, Aponte’s most recent commitment to the studio over the last few years has resulted in an explosion of new and evocative work.  While “retrospective” seems too heavy-handed a term for such up and coming work, Aponte’s breadth and insightful development signal the reflection of a mature, self-aware artist.  Both Aponte’s work and biography traverse the traditional dichotomies that seemingly separate “art” from life.

Sacred Flowers
Sacred flowers: Mixed media: marker, color pencils, acrylic and ink on canvas

This selection of paintings and sculptural work surveys a number of prominent themes and techniques that have characterized Aponte’s most recent production.  Most prominent is Aponte’s distinctive syntax of lines and dots.  She traces this formal language to the linear designs of Aboriginal Australians and their cultural belief that “all things living and non-living, animate and inanimate, have been created by sacred ancestral beings whose journeys of creation can be traced through the land.”  Inspired by these aboriginal “songlines” which journey across the world to maintain and renew creation, Aponte adopts their formal language to recreate her childhood memories of the French countryside.  She describes these memories as “a bodily experience in time . . . with beings and creatures whose bodies exist outside of time . . . The repetition of dots is like an eternal return where bodies dissolve and reemerge into the vastness of the universe.”

As indicated by her artist statement, Aponte’s pieces straddle both the personal and universal.  Alternating between abstract, organic, and figurative themes, Aponte sensitively considers each genre as a different vehicle for experiencing and physically embracing time.  Her inclusion of craft-based elements such as sewing, beadwork, and bricolage push beyond formal and creative experimentation.  Rather, these techniques that pierce through or glue onto the canvas physically communicate Aponte’s idea of weaving and penetrating through local and universal time.  Her paintings and sculptures have a mesmerizing, dreamlike quality that, while quoting the recognizable hieroglyphs of figures, trees, and lacework, perceptively point to the mystery of their universal readability.

Marthe Aponte is a professor in the French department at AVC.  She took the AVC Art Gallery and college by surprise when she began first sharing her work in the Art Gallery’s group exhibitions.  She has since become an active member of the Antelope Valley’s artist community and exhibits widely throughout the area.  We believe both her work and her story will be especially inspiring to our community of young artists looking for models of how to develop their own unique vision and projects.

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