Sunday, August 02, 2015
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Facilities: Citizens Oversight Committee

Darren Parker, Chair
Citizens Oversight Committee

During a recent tour of the Antelope Valley College campus, I was acutely aware of the transition from old to new.

We walked through portions of the campus in existence since 1960, then stepped into the areas where new buildings stand in sharp contrast to the campus that I first saw 20 years ago. It looks like a different world.

When someone asked about my role in leading the Citizen's Oversight Committee on Measure R, I noted how I view myself and the committee as being a stepping stone to the future - a future with new labs and classrooms to serve the needs of our growing valley.

My interest in joining the Citizen's Oversight Committee is to get involved in higher education and to have a part in laying the future foundation for education in the Antelope Valley.

As I look at the Antelope Valley, I see a diverse community. We have such an availability of well-educated and talented people that work for places like NASA Dryden and the areospace industry. Also, our racial demographic is quite unique. I would like to see us move beyond the present confines to inspire leadership to catch a broader vision for what this valley can be by drawing on this tremendous diversity.

Related to that is the need of the Citizen's Oversight Committee to be recognized as the independent body that it is. We do not work for the City of Lancaster. We do not work for the City of Palmdale. We work for the entire community.

Our role is to provide fiscal oversight for the for the money generated from Measure R - a $139 million bond measure approved by local voters in 2004 to fund construction of facilities for the Antelope Valley Community College District.

I welcome the opportunity to guide this group of community members as we carry out our responsibilities.