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Campus Construction Projects: West Campus Expansion


The 2001 update of the Facilities Master Plan determined that the existing campus property could not support an enrollment of 20,000 students.  To provide the needed building, field and parking areas, an additional 10 acres of property was purchased west of Marauder Stadium.  This additional property provides the space needed for expanding parking and instructional building and field areas.

The West Campus Expansion project develops two 10-acre parcels of undeveloped land and renovates another 35 acres of property resulting in 55 acres of total improvements.  Due to the complex logistical issues for developing the west side of the campus, six specific Facilities Master Plan project requirements were combined into one project identified as the West Campus Expansion.  The six Facilities Master Plan project requirements included:

  • New Northwest Parking Lots
  • Renovation and Expansion of Parking Lot #3
  • ADA, Safety and Code Compliance Upgrades
  • Renovation and Expansion of Physical Education Fields
  • Renovation of Marauder Stadium
  • Infrastructure Improvements

The new northwest parking lots (Lot #1 & Lot #2) and the expansion of parking lot #3 will provide an additional 600 parking spaces to meet the forecasted growth of the college as well as provide parking for the community who utilize the physical education and athletic facilities.  Safety measures include state-of-the-art lighting systems and an emergency phone system.

Constructed during the mid-1960s, the stadium and other P.E. – Athletic facilities have deteriorated creating many safety issues as well as not being compliant with current codes. Significant improvements are required to meet current accessibility (American with Disabilities Act), safety and construction requirements.

Physical education courses generate more student enrollment hours than all but two other areas of study at the college. This high demand for courses is expected to grow significantly in the coming years and can only be met by expanding and renovating the physical education facilities.  Having not been expanded since the college opened in the 1960s,  new and renovated facilities will include two regulation soccer fields, two physical education fields, half mile running track with fitness circuit, law enforcement academy obstacle practice course, baseball stadium, softball stadium, and track and field throws area.  All areas are utilized for physical education classes as well as for Marauder athletic teams.  The City of Lancaster Parks and Recreation Department was consulted during the program design phase of the project to determine how the college could best support the community’s recreation needs. This discussion supported the need for a jogging track and fitness circuit that will be available to the community at all times as well as use of all other facilities on a scheduled basis to promote youth sports including football, soccer, baseball and softball.

The renovation of Marauder Stadium will provide the first major facelift for this heavily used venue in over 40 years. The multipurpose stadium will be updated to meet current standards for football, soccer and track and field.  The stadium will also continue to host numerous community events for the American Cancer Society’s Walk of Life, Special Olympics, AYSO Tournament Opening Ceremonies, Veterans Stand Down, graduation ceremonies and many other community and college special events.  Regular users of the stadium also include local high schools, middle schools and elementary schools for football games, track and field meets and cross country events.  Marauder Stadium is truly a valuable and unique community resource utilized by thousands of Antelope Valley residents each year.

A critical portion of the West Campus Expansion project is the installation of new campus infrastructure.  The first phase of a new campus storm drain system will be installed as part of this project.  In the past storm water has drained from the campus on to undeveloped land.  Now that surrounding residential areas have been completed and the college is developing all of its property a storm drain system is required to prevent the flooding of residential streets north of the college.  The City of Lancaster has worked with the college to complete a major arm of the city storm drain system along 35th Street West and provide connections for the college storm drain system.  Other infrastructure improvements include water for irrigation, fire suppression and domestic uses, electricity for lighting and operational requirements, technology for emergency phone system and other voice/data requirements and sewer for restrooms.

Project Data

Architectual Firm: Klassen Corporation

Project Completion Date: February 2009

Project Budget: $36,428,888 (estimated)

Project Revenue Sources:

  • Measure R Funds

3 images of current statium
Stadium as it looked before the renovation began.

Stadium Grandstand Demolition
45- year-old grandstand demolition begins in December 2007,
paving the way for modern, ADA accessible seating.

Stadium Demolition Progress January 2008
January 2008 progress; stadium lights, seats, press box and concrete removed.

West Campus Expansion Grading 2
Grading began Summer 2007. This image shows grading on the west side of the existing stadium, looking north from Avenue K. This photo was taken in July 2007.

West Campus Expansion Grading 1
Early grading July 2007. This image looks northwest from Avenue K, west of the current stadium.

Storm Drains
Storm drains were delivered in early September and
installed in trenches by late September 2007.

Storm Drains Installed in Trench
Storm drains installed underground.

New field and Press Box

North Field Grading

Current progress of the West Campus Expansion Summer 2009.
Current progress of the West Campus Expansion Summer 2009.