Human Resources: Classified Management & Supervisory Positions

All positions require the completion of the appropriate Antelope Valley College application and supporting documents as outlined in the job announcement. 

Any degree from a country other than the United States, including Canada and Great Britain, must be evaluated by an evaluation service.

The following is a general description of our current position openings with a link to a detailed job announcement. Please read the announcement carefully for details regarding required application materials.  Faxed or e-mailed material cannot be accepted.

All documents are PDFs.

Current Open Positions

Title Application Deadline Status
Director, Financial Aid (RN14-53)

Extended Deadline: 9/29/14

Interviews have been scheduled.  Human Resources is NO LONGER accepting applications in the HR office. 

Manager, Purchasing (RN14-59) Deadline:  12/1/14

NEW RECRUITMENT:  Human Resources is now accepting applications.

This is a new recrutiment seperate from the prior RN14-52.  All interersted parties must submit complete application packages by the deadline indicated.  No applications will be moved from prior recruitment.

Senior Athletic Trainer (RN14-58) EXTENDED Deadline:  10/13/14 Applications are currently under review.  Human Resources is NO LONGER currently accepting applications.

Recently Closed Positions

Title Application Deadline Status
Executive Assistant to Superintendent/President  (RN14-56) CLOSED Position has been filled.
Manager, Fiscal Services (RN14-54) CLOSED Position has been offered to candidate.
Manager, Project (ITS)  RN14-57 CLOSED Recruitment RN14-57 has been CANCELLED.
Manager, Purchasing  (RN14-52) CLOSED No candidate selected.  New recruitment to begin shortly.