Human Resources: Full-Time Faculty Positions

All positions require the completion of the appropriate Antelope Valley College application and supporting documents as outlined in the job announcement. 

Any degree from a country other than the United States, including Canada and Great Britain, that is needed to establish minumum qualifications, must be evaluated by an evaluation service.

The following is a general description of our current position openings with a link to a detailed job announcement. Please read the announcement carefully for details regarding required application materials. Application packages cannot be accepted via email or facsimile.

Please Note:  The asterisked (*) position announcements have been revised to more accurately reflect the experience, required minimum qualifications, and job duties that the successful candidate will have.

MULTIPLE POSITION & LOCATION NOTICE:  To be considered for multiple available positions, applicants must submit separate application packages for each position to which he or she is applying. Each application package must indicate the specific announcement canidate is applying to (ie., Mathematics Instructor-Palmdale Ctr versus just indicating Mathematics in general).

Apply by deadline for first consideration; open until filled.

All documents are PDFs.

Current Open Positions

Title Application Deadline Status
Counselor (Registered Nursing Program; Temp 1-yr, Grant Funded, 11 mos)  -- RN14-60 Deadline:  9/4/14

INTERVIEWS HAVE BEEN SCHEDULED. Human Reources is no longer accepting applications.

Current / Open Positions:  In Progress

Title Application Deadline Status



Recently Closed Positions

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