Campus Organizations & Committees

Faculty Professional Development (FPD): Representatives

Dr. Irit Gat Faculty Chair
VACANT V.P. of Academic Affairs
LaDonna Trimble Dean, Enrollment Services and Counseling and Matriculation
Dr. Tom O'Neil Dean, Business, Computer Studies, & Economic Development, and Social & Behavioral Sciences
Jack Halliday Technical Education Faculty
Rick Shaw Confidential Management Union
Rae Agahari Visual and Performing Arts Faculty
Dr. Rona Brynin Health Science Faculty
Dr. Magdalena Caproiu Instructional Resources and Extended Services
VACANT Faculty Representative
Rosa Fuller Counseling and Matriculation
Liette Bohler Tenure Review Coordinator
Mark Hoffer Language Arts Faculty
Ty Mettler Technical Education Faculty
VACANT Classified Member
Harish Rao Language Arts
VACANT Classified Union Representative
Cindy Walter Adjunct Faculty Representative
Jackie Lott Faculty Union Representative
Greg Krynen Technical Liaison

For FPD questions or concerns, please call 661.722.6300, extension 6306.