Wednesday, July 29, 2015
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Monday, April 27, 2015.

Antelope Valley Higher Education Consortium: Plans & Achievements

  • Increase productivity and information-sharing, decrease duplication of effort, and leverage resources of partners in helping community access higher education
  • Identify areas that crossover where we can have great impacts
  • Develop a calendar of planned events for the year
  • Coordinate information on deadlines and calendars
  • Coordinate outreach efforts/events
  • Develop/identify a central website
  • Share data to make strategic decisions
  • Provide information and tools to others…Coordinate professional development activities for counselors, etc/ both with large and small groups
  • Identify geographic target area
  • Increase knowledge base of region
  • Produce annual report of accomplishments
  • Seek recognition and additional resources for coordinated efforts, scholarships and other financial aide through endowments, fund-raising, grants
  • Consolidate information on articulation, dual enrollment, transfer programs
  • Share information on higher education to adults, high school students, and those who serve K-8 students
  • Build a central “clearinghouse” for higher information, including options within the Antelope Valley
  • Communications/ translations for all outreach as needed; Outreach to the community by providing translated written and oral information
  • Provide information about courses to take
  • Provide financial information on affordability of college
  • Develop links to excite students about careers, but make sure they promote academic background
  • Participate in high school orientations—work with high school freshmen
  • Build pathways from high school through community college through 4 yr. programs
  • Plan community information and outreach events
  • Provide information to parents about college requirements, benefits, guidance, career fields, financial aid, California Higher educations system
  • Link with economic development, businesses, and elected officials in the community with vested interest in well-educated workforce
  • Assist businesses in meeting labor market needs
  • Increase involvement of business in the partnership
  • Identify the on-going higher education needs of community to be part of job-creation support effort for region
  • Identify and promote careers in fields with shortages, i.e. teachers, engineering, childcare, nurses. Aerospace, social workers