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Monday, April 27, 2015

IT Committee

The Information Technology Committee (ITC) is a shared governance committee.

The members of the committee serve in a representative capacity of their constituencies.  Members should regularly communicate with their constituents on issues relating to campus wide information technology and provide feedback to the ITC.

The purview of the committee shall be the establishment of policies regarding the use of information technology (IT) resources at AVC.  Use policies and guidelines are to be established and published for all faculty, staff, students and non‑affiliated individuals with regard to use of AVC's IT resources.

Additionally the committee will help to establish priorities for replacement and installation of IT resources to optimally support the educational mission of AVC.

The committee is further charged with alerting and briefing the chairperson of pending issues that may impede, strengthen or otherwise impact upon the information technology area.

Membership includes representatives from each campus constituency, including but not limited to: faculty, staff, and students.  The chairperson of the committee will be the Director of Information Technology or appropriate designee.  Membership to the committee will be as periodically elected or appointed from the areas represented.  Membership will also include the ITS Director (Chairperson), the Vice President of Academic Affairs and the Web Administrator, whose terms shall be permanent, and the Co-Chair who shall be elected annually by the Committee.

The Chair of the committee will be responsible for bringing issues to the committee, coordinating meeting dates to maximize attendance, reporting and publishing the actions of the committee to the college community and the President of AVC.