Monday, August 03, 2015
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Monday, April 27, 2015.

Outcomes Committee: Approved SLOs for Discipline Courses

"Student Learning Outcomes (SLO) are the specific observable or measurable results that are expected subsequent to a learning experience. These outcomes involve knowledge (cognitive), skills (behavioral), or attitudes (affective) that provide evidence that learning has occurred as a result of a specific course, program activity, or process. An SLO refers to an overarching outcome for a course, program, degree or certificate, or student services area (such as the library). SLOs describe a student's ability to synthesize many discreet skills using higher level thinking skills and to produce something that asks them to apply what they've learned. SLOs usually encompass a gathering together of smaller discrete objectives through analysis, evaluation, and synthesis into more sophisticated skills and abilities." (The Academic Senate for California Community Colleges SLO Terminology Glossary, 2010)

Business, Computers Studies and Economic Development

Health Sciences

Instructional Resources and Extended Services

Kinesiology, Athletics & Dance

Language Arts

Mathematics, Science, and Engineering

Social and Behavioral Science

Student Services

Technical Education

Visual & Performing Arts

Non Credit Courses