Superintendent/President Ed Knudson and Antelope Valley College Foundation President Chuck Church invite you to the 2014 AVC Achievement Awards Dinner.

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On behalf of the Superintendent/President Ed Knudson and Antelope Valley College Foundation President Chuck Church, thank you for supporting the AVC Achievement Awards Dinner.

We are sincerely grateful to all our honorees, those who contributed, attended and supported the evening, for your continued generosity and kindness toward our students and our college.  Thank you to the forty plus student volunteers from the Honors Program and the Alpha Iota Honor Society, Foundation Scholars, college employees, and community volunteers who gave of their time.  Over 240 people attended the event, which netted more than $83,000 in support for our students.

All proceeds from this event will benefit Antelope Valley College students with scholarships, equipment and program support through the AVC Foundation. For more information, please call the Antelope Valley College Foundation at (661) 722-6300, ext. 6391.

Congratulations to the 2014 Achievement Award Honorees

Charley Williams
Distinguished Alumnus
Charley Williams ('64)
AVHS Teacher/Coach, Retired

Charley Williams ('64)

Entering the field of education, longtime educator Charley Williams
recalls being excited about coaching and teaching, but had no idea
of the impact he would have on students or how they would clarify the
purpose of his life.

“Something I enjoy knowing and sharing with youngsters is that education
is the only thing we have that we can use, sell or give away while it continues
to remain with us,” Charley said. Read more

Dr. Magdalena Caproiu
College Service
Dr. Magdalena Caproiu
Professor, Math Learning
Specialist, AVC

Dr. Magdalena Caproiu

Dr. Magdalena Caproiu doesn’t believe in retirement. That’s why at 83 years old she thinks nothing of putting in 13 or 14 hours a day as a math learning specialist at Antelope Valley College.

Magdalena’s long career in higher education started in 1951 in Communist Romania where she was forced to retire at age 55 as a professor of mechanical engineering at Polytechnic Institute Timisoara. Following the death of her husband she moved to the Antelope Valley, joining her daughter, son-in-law and two granddaughters. Read more

Jane E. Frye
Community Service
Jane E. Frye
Urgent Care Director,
High Desert Medical Group

Jane E. Frye

Jane Frye has been Director of Urgent Care at High Desert Medical Group (HDMG) in Lancaster for three years.

Rigorous selection and intensive training of staff have forged a caring and responsive team that interacts well with other HDMG clinics and care management teams, reducing wait times and providing more comprehensive care. Jane’s other successful projects at HDMG include a senior emergent care clinic, an infusion clinic, high-risk patient care, hospice and palliative care, wound care and cancer care. She led a team that established the High Desert Nursing Scholarship, and continues to administer the program awarded through the AVC Foundation. Read more

Wayne Rew
Public Service
Wayne Rew ('55)
Mayor, County Commissioner,
College Administrator, Retired

Wayne Rew ('55)

Retired mayor, county commissioner and educator Wayne Rew has made public service his lifelong mission.

Wayne’s early life was a hodgepodge of educational pursuits and valiant efforts to cross over from college athlete to sports fame and fortune. He never quite made that transition, but it did eventually prove to be a path to a career in higher education and public service.

He was first hired by Pepperdine University in Los Angeles as an instructor and head track coach. His most important life choice came in 1959 when he married Loretta Hill, whom he met at Pepperdine. Read more

Johnny Zamrzla
Professional Achievement
Johnny Zamrzla
Western Pacific Roofing Corp.

Johnny Zamrzla

Johnny Zamrzla is president of Western Pacific Roofing Corporation and has been actively involved in the roofing and waterproofing industry since 1957. He is also heavily involved in leadership and philanthropic roles on the local, state and national level, including serving as president of the Showdown Rodeo, California Circuit Finals Rodeo. He serves on the boards of the Antelope Valley Board of Trade, Antelope Valley Sheriff’s Boosters and the Antelope Valley Hospital Foundation. He and his wife Pam live on their working ranch in Lancaster. Read more

Paul C. Abarquez
American Spirit Award
Paul C. Abarquez ('11)
Firefighter, Kern County
Fire Dept.

Paul C. Abarquez ('11)

Kern County firefighter Paul Abarquez’s tenacious pursuit of his goals and heroic actions embody the American spirit.

The 2011 graduate of AV College’s Firefighter 1 Academy put his skills to work on June 30, 2013, when he rescued a woman, whose clothes were on fire, from a burning home in Tehachapi. Paul reached through smoke and flames into a hole in the wall, grabbed the woman’s feet, and pulled her to safety.
Read more

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