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AVC_Secure Setup for OSx

The following screen shots and steps explain how to connect to AVC Secure on an OSx based laptop.

1. Click on this link Antelope Valley College Internal Root CA to download the security certificate needed for access to AVC_Secure.

2. Click on the Apple system menu and choose "System Preferences..."
Choose system preferences

3. Next click on "Network" in the Internet & Wireless section
Click on Network

4. Click on Wi-Fi in the left column and verify it is turned on. If it is not click the button marked "Turn Wi-Fi On"
Turn On WiFi

5. Directly below the Wi-Fi status is a menu titled Network Name. Click on this and choose AVC_Secure
Choose AVC_Secure

6. Enter your network login information, your username and network password (not myAVC password)
Enter username and password

7. Click the join button
click join button

8. Next your computer will authenticate itself to the network

Your computer should now have access to the network.