Tuesday, August 04, 2015
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Sheriff’s department takes over duties

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department deputies and security officers have started patrolling Antelope Valley College under a contract to serve as the campus police force that went into effect Jan. 1.

The deputies and officers will serve both the Lancaster campus and Palmdale site.

Deputies serving the campus wear the same uniforms as those serving throughout Los Angeles County: green pants and tan shirts with the “Los Angeles County Sheriff “ patch visible on the upper sleeves.

Security officers are dressed in navy blue pants and white shirts with the “Los Angeles County Sheriff Security” patch on the upper sleeves.   All sheriff’s department personnel at AVC are armed.

A few private security guards working for Regional Patrol Services will remain on campus during the transition.

Anyone needing to contact campus police should follow existing protocol. In an emergency, dial ext. 4444 from any campus phone or *80 from any campus pay phone. From a cell phone or off-campus phone, dial (661) 722-6399.

Campus Police
Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department personnel have started patrolling Antelope Valley College sites in Lancaster and Palmdale. Among those serving the campus are Deputy Miguel Ruiz, team leader, and security officers Mario Salazar and Chandara Hicks-Gill.

Police Patch
Patch displayed on uniforms of all LASD security officers assigned to AVC.