Thursday, July 30, 2015
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AV Christian, Quartz Hill teams among winners at Math Field Day

Top math students from 15 area high schools spent 90 minutes Friday morning working through a series of written problems devised by Antelope Valley College math faculty members.

When the 30th annual Mathematics Field Day was over, students from Quartz Hill, Antelope Valley Christian, Desert Christian and Hart high schools walked away with bragging rights for having the top math students in their respective categories.

A team from Hart High School consisting of Josh Medoff, Eric Meissner and Melissa Chang helped that school regain its top spot in the junior-senior competition of the Leibnitz League for large schools after being unseated last year.

Quartz Hill High School’s team of Nithya Kubendran, Stephanie Sodergren and Jon Hsu finished second in the upper classmen contest in the Leibnitz League.

Among small high schools, Antelope Valley Christian High School’s team won top honors for the second year in a row. Its team consisted of Josh Kao, Jess Chen and J.T. Deng. Finishing second in the small schools was Paraclete High School’s team of Peter DeMarzio, Catherine Tan and Lucio Celeste.

In the Leap Frog Relay for freshmen and sophomores, Quartz Hill’s Dalton Banh and Michael Kang finished first among large schools. Hart High School’s team of Jason Block and Taylor Wood finished second.

Desert Christian High School’s team of Chelsea Fries and David Kim won first place among small schools in the Leap Frog Relay, while Paraclete’s team of Alex Battey and Veronica Cruz finished second.

The Leap Frog Relay derives its name from the way in which team members are allowed to switch papers to resolve math problems.

In individual results, Hart High’s Josh Medoff and Eric Meissner finished first and second, respectively, separated by just one point. Mark Cunning of Desert High School finished third, just two points shy of Medoff’s score.

Nearly 100 students participated in this year’s event, which was sponsored by Antelope Valley College and Lockheed Martin.

Think you’re smarter than a 12th grader?

Here’s a question from the junior-senior test:

  1. A newspaper headline read ‘Welsh tortoise recaptured 1.8 miles from home after 8 months on the run.’ At this rate, roughly how far did the tortoise get on the first day? (1 mile = 5,280 feet)

a) 6 feet           
b) 12 feet
c) 18 feet           
d) 40 feet           
e) 90 feet

The answer is d) 40 feet