Thursday, July 30, 2015
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Counselor honored as Scholar in Residence

A counselor who helped establish California’s first reentry program for students was named by her colleagues on Wednesday as Antelope Valley College’s Scholar in Residence for 2010-11.

The selection of Carol Eastin is the highest honor for any AVC faculty member. A single faculty member is chosen each year for his/her ability to increase knowledge for a specific discipline, open insights for students, and demonstrate dedication to innovation and excellence in education, among other factors.

Eastin was recognized during the college’s annual Faculty Recognition Day held in the campus Cafeteria.

Eastin began her career at AVC in 1981 as a school relations specialist. In 1986 she joined the college faculty as a counselor.

During her tenure, Eastin had primary responsibility for starting the reentry program, New Directions, as a way to help adults make a smooth transition back to school after being away from the classroom for several years.

She was also the first AVC counselor to provide walk-in counseling along with counseling for students taking night classes. Eastin was instrumental in starting AVC’s Faculty Academy to aid and support faculty members through workshops, programs and classes.

Eastin served as Faculty Academy coordinator for four years, she is involved in the Paraprofessional Teachers Training Program for K-12 teachers, and she has served as faculty coordinator for the college’s internal program review.

“As a colleague, she is a team player and friend,” colleagues Susan Knapp and Dr. Susan Lowry wrote in nominating Eastin. “Carol is detail oriented in her academic activities, and staff and faculty members depend on her commitment to excellence.”