Thursday, July 30, 2015
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Parking lot #10 to be open for start of spring semester

Construction delays on Antelope Valley College’s solar energy project will result in limited access to the affected parking areas on the east side of the campus.

Originally, installation of solar energy panels in parking lots #10 and #11 was to have been completed by the start of spring semester classes on Feb. 7. Unfortunately, snow and other factors have contributed to delays.

Therefore, parking lot #10 – adjacent to the LS 1 Building – will be open to student parking the first three weeks of spring semester, Feb. 7-Feb. 27.

Lot #10 will then be closed Feb. 27-March 17 to allow for completion of the solar project.

Work in both lots #10 and #11 is due to be completed March 18 allowing for the reopening on March 18.

Alternative parking is available in lot #1, located west of Brent Carder Marauder Stadium, and parking lots #14-#16 near West Avenue J-8.

Staff parking on the east side of campus will be in lots #9 and #12.

Antelope Valley College appreciates your patience and understanding as we seek to save on energy costs and provide for a cleaner environment.

  • Parking lot #10, open Feb. 7-27
  • Parking lot #10 closed Feb. 27-March 17
  • Parking lots #10 and #11 reopen March 18