Thursday, July 30, 2015
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AVC prepares for notices to administrators on pay cuts

Antelope Valley College administrators could see their pay cut as much as 35 percent starting July 1 as a result of California’s budget crisis.

Faced with the specter of up to $11 million in budget cuts in the 2011-12 fiscal year that begins in July, AVC officials will ask college trustees at a special meeting on Thursday to issue March 15 letters to educational administrators.

The March 15 notification is required by state law of any educational administrators or instructor in anticipation of salary cuts or layoffs. The action will affect 21 educational administrators, including the superintendent/president, vice presidents, deans, executive directors and directors.

“We are still hoping for the best, but planning for the worst,” said President Dr. Jackie L. Fisher Sr. “We are looking at many options from the campus community to cope with the proposed state budget cuts.”

The notification to educational administrators will provide officials with flexibility on addressing cutbacks. The letters would notify administrators of a salary cut or an equivalent amount of furlough days. If the maximum cut were implemented, it would save the district $1.26 million – far short of what the district would need to trim under a worst-case scenario.

“The March 15 letters are just one of the tools we can use to provide flexibility,” said Fisher. “It may be June before we know the full extent of the state cuts. However, we need to plan now.”

Projections from the Community College League of California show that AVC could see its state revenue cut between $4 million and $11 million. Increased student fees are expected to offset $1.1 million-$2.8 million of that amount.

All of the college’s constituent groups were asked to make budget cut suggestions and to submit those to the college administration by Feb. 28.

“What makes this even more difficult is we’ve already gone through budget cuts in recent years. We are doing our best to preserve jobs and continue our service to students,” said Fisher.

College trustees will meet to consider the March 15 notices at 11 a.m. Thursday in the Board Room, SSV 151 at the Lancaster campus, 3041 W. Ave. K.