Applied music

Antelope Valley College is looking for talented musicians interested in an Associate in
Arts degree with a major in music.

The degree program in applied music was recently restored to the college's curriculum.

Information on required courses and a recommended sequence may be found online in
the AVC catalog. Of special importance are MUS 292 (Applied Music Performance) and
MUS 291 (Applied Music). These required courses are corequisites of each other, require
placement in an approved large ensemble, and must be taken for a total of four semesters.

An audition is required to enter the applied music program. After a successful audition,
students will receive an add slip allowing them to register for MUS 292 and also be
assigned to a large ensemble.

It is important to note that these courses are not beginning instrument or voice lessons.
They are only open to students that have already achieved an appropriate level of
technical and musical skill as developed through K-12 music programs, private lessons,
or through other college courses.

MUS 292 (Applied Music Performance) is a course meeting one day each week where
applied music students perform for each other and receive coaching.

Each semester will conclude with a recital and/or jury. In addition, more detailed
information regarding how to take MUS 291 (Applied Music) currently offered only
as "credit by examination" will be presented at the first regular class meeting.
In order to participate in the applied music program, all students are required
to arrange private lessons with an approved instructor for the duration of the
semester and must take care of all costs associated with that instruction

For the Spring 2012 semester, applied music auditions for new students will be
held beginning at 11:00am on Wednesday, February 1, 2012. Please come to the
music building (FA3) on the west side of campus and sign up for an open time in
the lobby. Practice rooms will be available for warm up. No piano accompaniment
is needed for your audition. Other times can be arranged as needed.

Further information on how to prepare for your audition and on the Music AA
degree in general is attached