Solicitors not representing AVC

Solicitors trying to sell magazine or newspaper subscriptions in the Antelope Valley are falsely claiming to be officially affiliated with Antelope Valley College.

College officials received a report Wednesday from a community member questioning whether door-to-door sales representatives are endorsed by the college in what has become an annual ritual.

“We’ve had reports of these types of solicitations reported to us since April 2007.  Residents are told this is a program to help the solicitors with their tuition or, in the latest case, to study in London. They could very well be using the proceeds to fund their education, but Antelope Valley College is not affiliated with such a fundraising program,” said Steve Standerfer, director of public and governmental relations.

Furthermore, any AVC students claiming to represent the college in such solicitations will face disciplinary action.

“It’s a violation of AVC’s Student Code of Conduct to misrepresent oneself as a student authorized by Antelope Valley College to solicit donations from the community,” said Standerfer.

People are advised to beware of any strangers soliciting money for AVC. Residents can report concerns by calling the college, (661) 722-6300, ext. 6303.