One-Acts perform through Sunday

Antelope Valley College’s Theatre Arts Department will host performances of the 17th Original One-Act Play Festival Thursday, April 18, through Sunday, April 21, in the Black Box Theatre, FA2 130, 3041 W. Ave. K, Lancaster.

Performance times are 8 p.m. Friday through Saturday and 2 p.m. Sunday.

The Original One-Act Play Festival provides for the development of new theatrical voices, as student playwrights experience the transformation from written word to live performance in these world premieres. 

Five plays have been chosen for this year’s festival:  “High School Musical vs. Predator: A Love Story” by Casey Hills, “Baggage”  by Zoe Inocentes,  “A Tragedy of Two Cities” by Brandt Robin,  “I Am Dawn Thomas” by Hayley Tollers, and  “A Day in the Life of Allyson” by Chelsy Younger.

“High School Musical vs. Predator: A Love Story”  follows a young inept predator named C'thel who, after he unimpresses his home planet with his latest kill, is sent to earth to kill and save earth from the infamous Xenomorph. After landing on and killing a famed local hearthrob, C'thel assumes his identity and assumes the lead role in a high school musical.

In “Baggage,” two strangers meet at a New York City train station in 1919. They connect over a shared need to escape from their pasts and find solace in sharing their stories with each other. Despite the serious situations each character is in, there is a light-hearted romance in their meeting.  

In “A Tragedy of Two Cities” set in a dystopian future, the boundaries separating church and state have been dissolved by an extreme right-wing meritocracy.  Innocent teenage curiosities, the knowledge of art and literature, and humanitarian impulses are considered crimes punishable by death.

“I Am Dawn Thomas” is a ghost story/mystery/science fiction/lesson about how the death of a stranger affects the lives of the family who discovers Dawn's body.  Was she a homeless psychotic?  Or an intelligent young woman who discovered a secret that cost her life?

“In A Day in the Life of Allyson,” a young woman tries to have a normal sleepover at her house, but is stymied at every turn by her outrageously bizarre, smothering family.  Allyson is a look at just how crazy a loving family can be!

Stevelon Mims directs High School Musical vs. Predator: A Love Story, Maria Cortes directs Baggage,  theatre faculty member Hollace Starr directs  A Tragedy of Two Cities and A Day in the Life of Allyson, and Melissa Martin directs  I Am Dawn Thomas.

All tickets are $5. The plays contain adult themes and language and are not suitable for children. The AVC Black Box Theatre is located at 3041 W. Ave. K, entrance C. For more information please contact the AVC Performing Art Theatre Box Office, (661) 722-6580.

All tickets are $5. The plays contain adult themes and language and are not suitable for children.