Firefighting students to graduate 1 p.m. Friday

Thirty-one students will graduate from AVC’s Wildland Firefighter Academy during a 1 p.m. Friday (July 19) ceremony in the campus Cafeteria.

The students completed a rigorous summer training program in various aspects of wildland firefighting to earn certification from the National Wildfire Coordinating Group. The training prepares the students for entry-level temporary jobs as wildland firefighters.

Certificates are due to be presented to:

Armando aguas, Hevert Alonzo, Ramiro Arreola, Derek Bonner, Benjamin Brown, Patrick Callinan, Brian Colmenero, Daniel Cortez, Jorge Diaz, Christopher Dorn, Carlos Flores, Joshua Franco, Jared Garbell, Jospeh Jerrain, Juan Jimenez, Cameron King.

Tommy Landeros, Marquise Lawrence, Vincent Lombardi, Justin Love, Olivia Fuentes Lozano, Jesse Olson, Jake Radcliffe, Alfonso Perez, Gary Remo, Brenee Smith, Steven Soto, Travis Tindell, Mario Velazquez, Joseph Warton and Ashley Wright.