Antelope Valley College secures almost $11 million for STEM programs in the valley: AVC was able to secure funding for two separate projects both focused in improving STEM education and outcomes in the valley. The funding comes from the federal Department of Education under the umbrella program of STEM Hispanic Serving Institutions Articulation grant. One of the proposals is a collaborative effort between AVC, Cal State Long Beach (CSULB), and Cerro Coso community college with main focus to increase the enrollment of student in the local engineering program at the Lancaster University Center Engineering program that is administered by CSULB. The project will receive $1.2 million per year for five years. For more information contact the STEM grant office at (661) 722-6300 x6024 or email the project director, Christos Valiotis at Read the project’s summary here.
The second project will receive $875,000 per year for five years and aims mainly to develop a cutting edge STEM facility at AVC’s Palmdale Center. One of its major objectives is to develop a comprehensive outreach program with local high school and elementary school districts. For more information contact Sharon Dalmage, Director of the Palmdale Center at Read the project’s summary here.