Student Services

CalWORKs: Transitional Subsided Employment (TSE) Process

Currently working CalWORKs Work Study students or any CalWORKs Student who has an interest in working through the Transitional Subsidized Employment Program (TSE) should contact Christina Simmons, Educational Advisor of the AVC CalWORKs.

  • The student contacts Christina Simmons, who will inform them of any open positions and refer them to Greater Avenues for Independence (GAIN) to initiate the referral process  to the AV Work Source Center on Avenue K, in Lancaster, CA.
  • Once the student receives the referral (GN6006) from GAIN, they will take it to the AV Work Source Center to complete the hire process.  Once the hire process is complete, AV Work Source Center will refer them to Christina Simmons at the CalWORKs Office at Antelope Valley College.

Antelope Valley College  CalWORKs Program, Educational Advisor will:

  • Will provide an orientation for all TSE student workers, to explain TSE processes and responsibilities along with work site goals and expectations.
  • Will orientate all AVC managers/ supervisors and on the TSE process, responsibilities and expectations.
  • Ensures that all managers/supervisors receive a Payroll Schedule (exhibit A)
  • Will process time cards timely (exhibit C), and submit them via transmittal(exhibit D) to the AV Work Source Center no later that Tuesday 4:00 PM as defined by the payroll Schedule (exhibit A)
  • Will supply South Bay Workforce Investment Board with In Kind Forms (exhibit B) as needed (one time submission)  from AVC.
  • Is responsible for ensuring that all students have completed an AVC/TSE application (exhibit E).

AVC Managers/Supervisors will:

  • Submit students completed time cards, bi-weekly, to Christina Simmons, Educational Advisor, SSV 180, no later Monday at 4:30 PM, based on the payroll schedule provided by the CalWORKs office.

TSE Student Worker:

  • Will comply with all rules, responsibilities and procedures defined by AVC, GAIN and the AV Work Source Center.
  • Understands that their employer of record is now AV Work Source Center
  • Will pick up their paychecks from the AV Work Source Center, located on Avenue K.
  • Understands that TSE funding is available until June 30, 2010, and there is no guarantee of employment past this date.
  • Understands that they must maintain a 2.0 overall GPA to remain eligible for this program
  • Student must be enrolled classes to remain eligible for the TSE program