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CalWORKs: About 


The mission of the CalWORKs program is to assist the students in their educational and personal goals. CalWORKs students are provided education and job preparation training to enhance their marketable skills that are necessary to make a smooth transition from welfare dependency to long-term self-sufficiency.


Support Services

CalWORKs is a statewide employment initiative program designed to train and prepare welfare recipients to compete successfully in the workforce. Antelope Valley College provides programs to assist students in obtaining employment.

It is the goal of the Antelope Valley College CalWORKs office to respect the human dignity inherent in every individual. We hope to encourage personal growth, goal setting, and goal accomplishment. Please let us know how we can assist you in accomplishing your goals!


Getting Started...CalWORKs

Contact our office at 661.722.6300, extension 6326 or stop by SSV 180 (Student Services Building) for an appointment.

Bring a copy of your GN 6005 (Self-Initiated Program Verification) or GN 6006 (Service Provider Referral) and a copy of your career/vocational assessment to your first appointment.

A parking permit is required to park a vehicle anywhere on campus. Daily permits are available at vending machines located in each parking lot. For information on parking fees, please visit the Cashier's office.


Tips for Success

CalWORKs Documentation

It is your responsibility to have all GAIN/CalWORKs documents completed and returned to your case manager on time. Due to the large number of students the AVC CalWORKs office serves, you will need to make an appointment to have your documents reviewed and completed. Please consider this when faced with a deadline.

Remember that old phrase “no question is a dumb question”

If you don’t understand something, please ask for more information. It is normal to have lots of questions and you deserve the information.

Save copies of everything

You will be asked to provide proof of income, attendance, book receipts, etc. Not having these things could result in delays or you may not receive the funding you are entitled to.

If you need assistance, ask for it right away

One of the biggest mistakes students make is waiting until they have fallen so behind in a course that they cannot catch up.

Attend every class

Your success or failure will be determined by this one factor. It is your responsibility to understand and follow the attendance requirements for each class.

Attend on time

This is a college environment, you are expected to arrive on time for all classes and appointments. If you know you are going to be late, it is respectful to let the instructor or person with whom you had the appointment know ahead of time.


Attendance Policy

According to the general attendance policy (per Student Handbook), all CalWORKs students have the responsibility to attend classes regularly and apply themselves to the college classes in which they are enrolled. When a student has been absent due to illness, she/he should explain the absence to the instructor. The student should also contact his/her GAIN case manager. An instructor may drop a student from the class if the student is absent one more time than that class meets per week.


Progress Reports

All students have been informed that their activities should total a minimum of 32 hours per week (35 hours for two-parent families), and students are responsible for returning their Progress Reports in a timely manner. Students’ Progress Reports are to be completed by the Antelope Valley College CalWORKs office, and satisfactory progress/attendance will be based on the service provider’s standards (Antelope Valley College CalWORKs Program).

Instructors’ Completion of Progress Reports

When the CalWORKs student receives the county-generated Progress Report, the student will pick up a pink Academic Monitoring form from the Antelope Valley College CalWORKs office for each class. The student will have each instructor complete a pink Academic Monitoring form.

Once the form(s) are completed, the student should return the pink Academic Monitoring form(s), along with the county-generated Progress Report to the CalWORKs office. A CalWORKs Technician will complete the county-generated Progress Report form using the Academic Monitoring form(s) completed by the instructor(s).

When the county-generated Progress Report form is completed, the technician will complete and forward Progress Report to GAIN office by CalWORKs department. A copy of the Progress Report will be placed in the student’s file along with the Academic Monitoring form(s) completed by the instructor(s). (A complimentary copy will be provided to the student, if requested).


Child Care Progress Reports

Periodically, your child care funding agency may require you to provide them with a Progress Report verifying your progress in your various classes.

Contact the CalWORKs office for a blue copy (or copies) of the Child Care Academic Monitoring form(s). Take one (1) form to each of your current instructors. Have your instructor(s) complete and sign the form or forms.

Return the completed form(s) to the CalWORKs office and leave for the Program Specialist to sign and stamp the form. Then, return the completed form to your child care funding agency case manager for processing.


Payment for Textbooks

There are two ways for CalWORKs students to receive CalWORKs money for textbooks or other required course material:

1. If you have money to purchase your textbooks and required supplies before classes start:

  • Purchase your textbooks and required supplies with your own money
  • Bring the receipt to the CalWORKs office to have a book or supply verification completed
  • Take the verification to your case manager for reimbursement

2. If you are unable/unwilling to purchase your textbooks and required supplies with your own money:

  • A book or supply verification for the required textbooks and supplies will be completed
  • Take the verification to your case manager so you may receive a check for your textbooks and supplies

It is your responsibility to have the required books and supplies for each of your courses. Questions about textbooks or required supply reimbursements should be referred to the CalWORKs office at (661) 722-6326.

Note: The turn around time for checks from the GAIN office is approximately 5 to 10 working days based on the availability of checks.


Work Study

To be eligible for an on- or off- campus CalWORKs work study position, students must have a CalWORKs Employment Authorization form completed by the CalWORKs Educational Advisor and returned to the Job Placement Center.

Work Hours

The combined number of hours CalWORKs student workers can work is primarily based on the number of class hours in which a student is enrolled. For example, a student enrolled in 12 classroom hours can work an additional 20 hours to complete a 32-hour work week.

Another example, a CalWORKs student enrolled in 10 classroom hours and 6 hours of supervised study time would be eligible to work an additional 16 hours for a total workweek of 32 hours. Also, a student enrolled in one (1) unit can work 31 hours to reflect 32 hours of activity.

Therefore, it is not mandated that a CalWORKs student be employed for 32 hours of work study only. Instead, students are to be involved in 32 hours of combined class, supervised study time, and work study.

Single Parent Households

Single parent households must complete a 32-hour workweek, which includes class, supervised study time, and/or work study.

Two Parent Households

Two (2) parent households must complete a 35-hour workweek, which includes class, supervised study time, and/or work study.

Reminder - All CalWORKs work study positions, on- or off- campus, are subsidized employment. Therefore, they are not to be considered permanent employment. The positions are temporary student positions to provide students with training to be able to compete successfully in the job market.

There are job opportunities available both on- and off- campus through the Job Placement Center. The Job Placement Center does its best to match students with a job that will provide valuable work experience. Please contact the CalWORKs Office for an authorization.


CalWORKs Matriculation


CalWORKs students are referred to the Antelope Valley College CalWORKs office by DPSS GAIN. The exceptions to this procedure are SIP students.

GAIN Referrals

CalWORKs students are provided with a GN 6006 referral form, which includes the training component based on the list of education and training programs the county and community colleges develop each year (for example LVN, RN, Automotive, Office Technology, etc….) predetermined by a DPSS authorized assessment.

Further assessment testing is done at Antelope Valley College to assess each student’s skill level. The GN 6006 can also include referrals to GED and ESL.

Upon arrival to the Antelope Valley CalWORKs office, students with a GN 6006 are scheduled an appointment with a CalWORKs Counselor. Using the GN 6006, the counselor interviews and works with the student to develop an Educational Plan, complete an Antelope Valley College Application, Board of Governor’s Enrollment Fee Waiver (BOGFW), and the Add/Drop slip to register and enroll the student in classes based on the GN 6006 authorized training component.

During this meeting, the counselor will provide the student with information to schedule an appointment to attend, based on need, either the Antelope Valley College Orientation or the CalWORKs orientation. (Note: During this meeting the student must provide proof of income in order to complete the enrollment process.)

Once the Educational Plan is completed, the student will meet with the Educational Advisor to complete the GN 6006 and to assist the student with any additional forms that need to be completed. The Educational Advisor will also follow up on any incomplete documentation that must be completed regarding the Antelope Valley College Application, Board of Governor’s Grant Fee Waiver (BOGFW), and Add/Drop slip (See Financial Aid). All enrollment documentation will then be forwarded to the offices of Financial Aid and Admissions and Records.

Once the GN 6006 is completed, the student must return the GN 6006 Referral form to her/his GAIN case manager before any supportive services can be authorized.

Self-Initiated Programs (SIP)

A student enrolled in a training or education program on their own, before they start Job Search or another assigned welfare-to-work activity for the CalWORKs program, is defined as a SIP. (Acceptable education or training programs are programs the county and community colleges develop each year.)

When the SIP is approved by the DPSS GAIN office, the student is provided with a GN 6005 GAIN Training Verification form to be completed by an Antelope Valley College CalWORKs Technician. The CalWORKs Technician utilizes a printout from the Banner Data System to verify enrollment and hours attended. The enrollment information, number of hours attended, and educational training program are recorded on the GN 6005.

Once the GN 6005 is completed, the student must return this form to her/his GAIN case manager before any supportive services can be authorized.


CalWORKs Financial Aid

The Antelope Valley College Financial Aid Department is available to assist you with financial aid forms. The responsibility for completion of applications and supplying financial documentation is the students’.

As a courtesy, the CalWORKs office may assist a student with the following financial aid documents:

BOGFW (Board of Governors Enrollment Fee Waiver)

This fee waiver covers course fees. It should be completed during the first semester of attendance and every fall semester after that. Current proof of income must be attached.

Student Representation Fee Waiver

This waiver covers the $1 student representation fee. This application must be completed each semester.

FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)

This application must be completed each fall and spring semester. Students may qualify for grants, loans, and work-study money. The AVC financial aid office offers workshops to help you understand and complete your FAFSA.

For more information about other funding sources or assistance with the above documents, please contact the Financial Aid Department at 661.722.6300, extension 6337.