Student Services

Career Center: Appointments


Individual one-hour appointments with the Career Center Coordinator are available for those seeking guidance in choosing their major, changing their major, for exploring different occupations and career pathways, and career planning.


You may request an appointment via email by completing the Career Center Intake Form* and clicking on the green “Email Form” button at the very end of the form.


Your form will be emailed directly to the Career Center Coordinator, who will send you a confirmation email with your appointment date and time and any information about preparing for your appointment, such as taking career and personality assessments ahead of time.


Appointments typically involve taking career and personality assessments prior to meeting so that the Career Center Coordinator may review the results with you and assist you with exploring the majors and occupations that may be the best fit for your personality, interests, skills, and values.


You may also schedule an appointment by visiting the Career Center or by giving us a call.



*Adobe Reader is required. Download the latest version of Adobe Reader for free.