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Major and Career Exploration Guide

The Major and Career Exploration Guide is a self-paced workbook with information and exercises selected to assist you with major and career exploration and to help you with your career planning and decision-making processes.


Working through this guide may give you more insight into your interests, values, skills and personality type, along with some tools to research your various career options, so that you feel empowered to select a major and career path that feel like the best fit for you and your goals.



Informational Interviewing

An informational interview is a process in which individuals gather information about a particular field or occupation from an industry professional. This is an excellent way to explore whether or not you would be satisfied working in the profession of interest.


Check out this informational interview tutorial that has a list of sample questions which can be useful when planning for an informational interview.



STEM Jobs Digital Magazine






Expungement Workshops

The team at Lancaster GROW (General Relief Opportunities for WORK) and the AV-East Kern 2nd Chance Program have partnered to offer Expungement Workshops every Tuesday and Thursday from 11:00am to 1:00pm, at the Lancaster GROW office located at 337 East Avenue K-10 in Lancaster.