Student Services

Career Center: Assessments


Career and personality assessments are valuable tools for self-discovery and for exploring majors and careers that may be the best fit for your interests, values, skills, and personality type.


The Career Center offers a variety of online assessments that may be taken on any computer with reliable internet access. All of the following assessments are offered at no cost to you:


These sites require you to enter an access code in order to create your online profile and take the assessments. Please stop by the Career Center to pick up the instructional handout(s) for the assessment(s) you are interested in completing, which include these codes, or email the Career Center Coordinator to request the instructional handout(s).


Taking assessments on a smart phone is not recommended. If you do not have access to a computer with internet, you are welcome to take the assessments in the Career Center.


For best results, we recommend that you give yourself ample time and are in a comfortable setting with a clear state of mind when you take any assessment.


Please schedule an appointment with the Career Center Coordinator for an interpretation of your assessment results and to explore the suggested occupations and majors based on your results.