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Counseling: Academic Probation & Dismissal

Academic Probation

If you are placed on Academic/Progress Probation, you will receive an email through your myAVC account and a hold will be placed on your registration. You must do the Online Probation Workshop for your first semester probation and attend a Probation Workshop for your second semester probation to remove the hold.

You must make satisfactory progress or you will remain on Academic/Progress Probation. You are allowed two consecutive semesters of probation. After the third you will be placed on Academic Dismissal.

Academic Dismissal

If you are placed on Academic Dismissal you will receive an email through your myAVC account and will need to submit an appeal form to be completed and submitted to AVC Counseling Department (if you wish to be reinstated). Please read the instructions carefully.

The Appeals Committee will either grant or deny your appeal and notify you by email with instructions on what you need to do once a decision has been made.

You must also attend a Dismissal Workshop.  Please contact the counseling center in the Student Services Building main lobby or call (661) 722-6300 ext. 6338.