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Counseling: Services

Academic/Educational Counseling

Academic and educational counseling at AVC is multi-faceted and can include (depending on student need) any or all of the following:

  • Development of a Student Educational Plan (SEP) - includes course selection and short/long term program planning
  • Evaluation of previous coursework including that work completed at other institutions relative to degree, certificate, transfer and/or prerequisite requirements.
  • Course information for degrees and occupational certificates.
  • Interpretation of articulation agreements with other institutions.
  • Assistance with the clarification of major, certificate, and/or transfer college objective.
  • Referral to the Transfer Center for further assistance in selection of transfer colleges and to meet with University representatives.
  • Human Development Courses


Career & Transfer Counseling

The Counseling Center offers assistance in career planning and transfer requirements. Students are urged to make an appointment with a counselor as early as possible. Students can also contact the Career Center & the Transfer Center for further guidance.


Personal Counseling

Personal counseling is short-term and is related to success in college. It may deal with topics such as:

  • Self-awareness
  • Interpersonal communication
  • Stress management
  • Clarification and resolution of specific problems related to academic success
  • Relationship issues

Personal counseling may also take the form of:

  • Motivational support
  • Identification of special needs
  • Building self-esteem and sound decision-making skills
  • Referral to off-campus or on-campus resources
  • Crisis Intervention


Academic Probation & Dismissal Counseling

Provide assistance to students on Academic or Progress Probation and those subject to dismissal

Conduct workshops and develop contracts for students in academic difficulty.

Referrals to the Learning Center for tutoring and other services and resources.


Transcript Evaluation from Other Institutions

  1. Make a Counseling appointment (same day advising or regular appointment)
      For an official evaluation:
    • Student must bring official (sealed) transcripts from the other institution(s) to the appointment.
    • Official transcript must be on file in the Transcript Office
  2. The Counselor will evaluate the transcripts at the appointment.


Human Development Courses

Human Development courses provide support, encouragement, and instruction for students returning to school after an interruption in their education and for new and continuing students. The courses help students increase self-awareness and self confidence; improve learning skills; and, identify and accomplish educational, vocational, and personal goals.

These courses help develop skills and knowledge that are critical to making a successful transition to the challenges of a college education.  All listed courses may be used as credits towards an associate degree, several also transfer to the CSU system.


1.5 units
24 hours total
Advisory: Eligibility for ENGL 099 and READ 099.
This is an intensive course designed to teach students the basic skills needed to manage their lives and be successful in college. An orientation to college services, programs, and policies is included, as well as educational counseling. Also includes the identification of strengths, self-esteem enhancement, time-management, stress- management, study strategies, test-taking strategies, outlining, note taking, goal- setting, money management, instructor relations, assertiveness, and an orientation. to the Library and Learning Center. (AVC)


3 units
3 hours weekly
Advisory: Eligibility for ENGL 101, or concurrent enrollment in ENGL 099, and Eligibility for READ 099.
The ideas and concepts presented will focus on increasing understanding of personal lifestyles and how the college experience, as a learning process, leads to the creation of a successful lifestyle. Emphasis will be placed on raising awareness and assimilating these ideas and concepts into one’s everyday habits and routines. This course is designed to explore learning styles and skills (note taking, test taking, organizing and managing resources, reading strategies, memory), health and exercise, communication and relationships, sexuality, stress management, goal setting, and decision-making as these topics relate to creating a lifestyle that is personally satisfying and fulfilling. (CSU, AVC)


1.5 units
24 hours total
Advisory: Eligibility for ENGL 099 and READ 099.
An action-oriented, intensive course designed to guide students in self-exploration and assessment of values, interests, skills, abilities, and personal characteristics relative to career selection. This course leads the student through the process of career planning. It includes self-assessment, self-esteem enhancement, http://www.avc.edu (661) 722-6300 Human Development 207 decision-making, goal-setting, job search strategy, resume writing, and interviewing skills. The primary objective is to lead students though a process that will enable them to make satisfying career choices. (AVC)


3 units
3 hours weekly
Advisory: Completion of ENGL 101.
This course is designed to facilitate personal growth, interpersonal effectiveness and increased understanding of self and others. Focus is on self-exploration, learning to make choices, and developing coping strategies to enhance growth and development and maximize satisfaction in everyday life. Active personal involvement, group interaction, and self-study projects will be emphasized. (CSU, AVC)


1.5 units
27 hours total
Advisory: Eligibility for ENGL 099 and READ 099.
A course to enable students to develop more effective interpersonal skills to deal with others in their lives.  During the course, students will practice communication skills useful in asserting their wants and needs to overcome their passivity or aggressiveness.  They will also learn how to respond to difficult people and how to express their own anger constructively.  (CSU, AVC)


1-4 units
hours vary
Prerequisite: Students must be registered in at least 7 units (including the Work Experience units) and have approval of instructor supervising work experience subject area. Prior to enrolling, students must attend a scheduled orientation.
The Work Experience program provides supervised employment extending classroom-based learning to an on-the-job learning situation. Students meet with instructor by arrangement to discuss learning objectives, along with experiences and/or problems = arising on the job. (CSU, AVC) (R3)


Foreign Transcript Evaluation

Antelope Valley College Requires:

  • The student must contact a listed foreign evaluation agency for an application
  • The student must arrange a word-for-word translation to English of their foreign transcript (AVC does not provide this service)
  • An official evaluation from a listed foreign evaluation agency (evaluation must be sealed to be official)
  • AVC will only allow credit for lower division coursework