Saturday, August 01, 2015
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Last Updated:
Monday, April 27, 2015.

Office for Students with Disabilities High Tech Center: Services

This is a list of equipment and services that are supported by the OSD High Tech Center.

  • Dragon Dictate: speech recognition software
  • Zoom Text: enlarges print from PC applications (magnification, screen reading)
  • Kurzweil Reading Machine with Kurzweil software 1000: reads print material for blind
  • Kurzeil Reading Machine with Kurzweil software 3000: reads out loudfor blind/LD students
  • Jaws: a screen reader for the blind
  • CCTV: provides closed circuit television for low vision students
  • Juliette Braille Embosser: prints information for blind in braille
  • Passkey Software &amp Learning Plus Software (Math, Reading, and Writing)
  • Quick Dictionary Pen: scans words for spelling and definition
  • American Heritage Dictionary
  • NCLEX Edge: state exam review for nursing students (RN and PN)
  • CBest
  • Microsoft Office