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Writing Center: Services to Students

The Writing Center offers services and materials, both on-site and online, to assist students with tasks related to research, writing, and grammar. For more information, please refer to the headings and links below.  

On Campus Services


Writing Center computers are available to AVC students who wish to use the Internet (including our Links & Handouts page), do word processing, and explore programs designed to help them improve their grammar and writing skills. Our computers are available during our Desk Hours. No appointment is necessary. For more information, please visit or contact us.

Note: We regret that we are not permitted to provide instruction in basic computer and word processing skills. Students must already possess these skills if they wish to use our computers.



The Writing Center is going green.  Many handouts are posted on the website to download and copy. In general, students who attend writing tutoring sessions and workshops may receive "hard-copy" handouts. You may obtain instructions for how to navigate the Writing Center website during our Desk Hours or follow the links on our Links & Handouts page.


Sample Papers

Many instructors keep sample papers on file in the Writing Center to give students a clearer understanding of the requirements for specific assignments. You may view sample papers at the Library Reference Desk.  These papers may not be photocopied and must be viewed in the Library; however, you may download the sample papers listed on the Writing Center Links & Handouts page.

Using material from sample papers or other sources without including proper citations constitutes plagiarism, a serious academic offense with equally serious consequences. Learn more about plagiarism.



Writing Center tutors are available during varying hours to assist you with writing tasks related to any of your AVC classes. Generally, tutorials last a maximum of 30 minutes, and you are allowed up to two tutorials per week (no more than one per day). These restrictions enable our tutors to serve as many students as they can while providing each student with an appropriate level of assistance.

You may work with a tutor by making an appointment or by dropping in. No matter which approach you choose, you'll want to be prepared to get the most from your tutorial.



The Writing Center offers workshops on a number of useful topics. Please refer to our Workshop schedules for the Lancaster Campus and Palmdale Center on the Learning Center home page.  Hard copies are also available at the Writing Center desk and throughout the Learning Center. Our workshops are free and do not require advance registration; however, you must be currently enrolled at AVC to attend them. For more information, please contact us.

Students who are unable to attend our workshops may wish to explore the online resources available through our Links & Handouts page. These include handouts, sample papers, and PowerPoint presentations on topics related to research, writing, and grammar.


Instructional Videos

See our list of instructional videos.



See our SMARTHINKING handout. 


Online Services

You can find links to additional handouts and sample papers, as well as to other useful resources, on our Links & Handouts page.