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Library: Instructional Services

Research Methods Workshops

Research Methods Workshops are offered every semester by Library faculty. These presentations are designed to teach students research techniques in a variety of disciplines. Emphasis is placed on teaching students the research process using step by step guidelines and, in some cases, hands-on workshop sessions. Instruction featuring specific electronic databases is also available.

To schedule a workshop, please call Van Rider at 661.722.6300, extension 6709 or fill out a workshop request form. Research Methods Workshops must be scheduled one week in advance of the desired presentation date.

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Credit Classes

For information on credit classes contact Scott Lee at 661.722.6300, extension 6546

  • Lib 101 Introduction to Library Research (2 unit)

Provides students with a basic introduction to college library research methods and how library information in organized and retrieved.

  • Lib 105 Introduction to Libraries and Information (3 units)

Introduction to libraries and information society issues.  Instruction in information sources in current use, including print and electronic research materials.  Research methodology, library organization and accessing information.

  • Lib 107 Information Competency (3 units)

The course follows the guidelines of the "information Competency/Literacy standards for Higher Education" by the Association of College and Research Libraries. Students will learn how information is organized, how to search for and retrieve information, and how to evaluate information.

  • Lib 110 Introduction to Internet Searching (1 unit)

Students with a basic understanding of the Internet will learn to develop search strategies, become familiar with search engines, and evaluate information available online.

  • Lib 199 Work Experience (1-4 units)

Combines classroom instruction with on-the-job employment experience directly related to a student's occupational objective. Students meet with instructor by arrangement to discuss experiences and or problems arising on the job.


Class Visits

Many students can benefit from coming to the Library in a class group.  

The the following guidelines apply to class visits:

  • Class visits to the library must be arranged by appointment during regular Library hours. 
  • You must notify the library one week in advance of the proposed visit.

  • All instruction must take place in a pre-scheduled library classroom.  No class activities may take place in quiet study areas.

  • Your class must be accompanied at all times by you, the instructor, or a substitute approved by your department.  (Per Ed. Code this cannot be a student assistant.)

  • The instructor or designated substitute should identify himself/herself to the reference librarian on duty upon arrival.

  • The library staff cannot be responsible for roll sheets for your class.

  • You may schedule your class to use the computers or do the library tutorials in one of the library classrooms if one is available.

  • The library cannot offer any technical assistance to your students during a class visit because of our limited staff.

  • The tutorials are quite self-explanatory, however any help students need while doing these tutorials must be provided by the instructor or designated substitute.

  • Please notify the library staff of equipment failure.

If you have questions or would like to arrange a Research Methods Workshop or class visit call Van Rider at 661.722.6300, extension 6709 or e-mail: