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Associated Student Organization (ASO): Elections


Do you want to have a voice in what’s happening on campus?  Then now is the time to get involved and run for a student leader position.

Open positions include Student Trustee and all positions in the Associated Student Organization (Officers and Senate).

To run for any of these positions, students must file a letter of intent which can be found in the ASO Group Page or at the Student Life and Activities office, SSV 180.

How to Vote

  1. Go to
  2. Log into your myAVC account
  3. Click on Register and Access Student Records (middle of page)
  4. Click on Online Voting and Surveys
  5. VOTE

The ASO elections will be near the end of the Spring semester allowing time for the current officers to transition with the incoming officers.  The incoming officers will be sworn in once the qualifications have been met after the Spring semester grades are available.  The officers shall hold a term of one year until the end of the following Spring semester.

Voting for Spring 2015 runs in Apri 2015.

There will be proposed changes to the ASO Constitution (highlighted).

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Qualifications for holding an ASO office

1.  Be an active member of the ASO

2.  Maintain and complete a minimum of five (5) units of course work at AVC each semester while holding office

3.  Have and maintain at least a 2.00 GPA at AVC

4.  The Executive Board (President, Vice Presidents, Secretary, and Treasurer) must have completed a minimum of twelve (12) units of college level course work at AVC during the time he/she takes office.

Each member of the ASO shall hold only one (1) district/campus-wide elected or appointed office at a time.  No ASO member can hold office for more than three (3) years collectively.  Students on disciplinary probation are ineligible to run for or hold any office in the organizational structure of the ASO.

The Election Code will be able in the Student Life and Activities office (SSV 180) prior to the elections.

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Candidates & Letters of Intent

Please read the letters of Intent for the students running for the Student Trustee and ASO officer and Senators for the 2014 – 2015 school year.  There is an ASO Constitution change on the ballot, and the explanation is below.  The election is April online through myAVC.

Student Trustee

Chris Dundee
The past three years have been quite an experience for me.  I have served as your ASO Vice President of Academic Affairs for two years and as your ASO President for the last year.  The experience that I have gained while serving in these positions has prepared me to take the next step in service to the students of AVC, Student Trustee.  As a member on the Board of Trustees I will do my best to represent the students, all of you, and to advocate for you on the Board.  I look forward to a great year ahead as your Student Trustee for 2014-2015.


Megan Turrill
Hello! My name is Megan and I am a political science major and ASO Executive Board officer. I am asking for your vote for President because I desire to give back to our campus community. My goal is to empower students so they may fulfill their potential. Our campus offers many opportunities and services but I believe that many students are unaware of them. The Associated Student Organization is run by students, for students. With your vote I hope to usher in a new academic year of service and dedication, for the betterment of the student body. Thank you!

Paul Sanchez
Marauder students, I look forward to being an ASO President to the many that success is just around the corner. I seek to deal with issues dearest to your educational priorities. Whether it be ideas, complaints or solutions regarding the availability of necessary classes for the masses or any areas of great concern. As President, I will be your voice that represents your every inquiry; working diligently and respectfully alongside our fine faculty to bring changes to our unacceptable turn out of a success rate. You can count on representation with character and integrity. Thank you and success to all!

Vice President of Academic Affairs

Raul Curiel
Hello everyone my name is Raul Curiel and I am running for ASO Vice President of Academic Affairs for the upcoming semester. I would be honored to keep serving our student populous and community further by taking on this VP position. I am your current Senator of Technical Education so I believe I have the experience and backing to serve you with great service.  I enjoy giving my time and will go to any extent for the greater good of our school.  I am also a member of our Honors Society which has given me, an extensive experience in servitude.

Vice President of Student Services

Juliana Arana
No Letter of Intent Submitted

Vice President of Club Affairs

Daniel Mendez
My name is Daniel Mendez and I intent to run for Vice President of Club Affairs. I see the importance of getting my peers more involved on the campus as well as raising awareness. This position is of great significance to me because I pride myself to be apart of a positive change in my college. I retain the ability of leading others in an organized manner.  I insure my fellow officer’s voice is being heard. I am always capable of bringing new ideas to table and hope to unify our clubs.

Vice President of Public Relations




Jennifer Corona
My name is Jennifer Corona and I intend to run for Senator of the Science Department. This position is of great interest to me as it I am plan on entering a career in the science field and feel that I can be a great asset to the science department.  Science has always been a big part of my life and it would be great pleasure to provide any service to the science community. This position would allow me to be a part of the science community and allow to make improvements that may benefit all.

Michael Gonzalez
Hello my fellow Marauders, my name is Michael Gonzalez. I am seeking to become a senator in ASO. During my first year of college, I was a Marauder baseball player, but now I have shifted my focus to academics. As a Biology major and a member of AVC’s Honors Program and Honors Society, I believe that an ASO senator should be an individual who is professional, able to relate to students, and who has a desire to help others. As Jonas Salk once said, “The reward for work well done is the opportunity to do more.”

Maranatha Javines
My name is Maranatha Javines and I am running for ASO Senator. I am a hardworking 4.0 student as well as a former officer of several clubs. As senator, I will use my years of experience and diligence to satisfy my duties to represent and serve my fellow scholars. I will serve you to the fullest of my capabilities, with solemn allegiance and with dignified fairness. I only ask that you give me the opportunity to do so with your vote today. Thank you very much and have a wonderful day!

Elizabeth Wells
You can Imagine the Possibilities available at AVC—imagine what you’ll learn and the experiences to be gained. As an ASO Senator, I can voice your opinions about issues concerning AVC and the various educational fields.
As a member of the Honors Program, Alpha Iota, Performing Arts, combined with my Learning Center job, I understand what it means to be a student. We face struggles and hardships, combined with times of euphoria, and I can address this as your senator.
Imagine what I can do for you. And I’ll strive to make it a reality.

Shawn Smith
Selfless Service, & Integrity—three words for many; but, they’re building blocks for how I live. I’m Shawn Smith, and I’m campaigning for ASO Senate. I’m an Army Veteran. When elected, I’ll use my experiences, and motivation to help fellow students. I’ll work with department Deans to assist you—fellow Marauders. I’m currently the Parliamentarian to the AVC Skills Club. Where, I’ve worked tirelessly, accomplishing club needs.
I want to build upon the work of our predecessors to take the ASO to the next level; and I humbly ask for your consideration, for Senate.

ASO Constitution changes explained

By approving the following constitutional changes, ASO can better assist and represent the student body. We have added a Vice President of Palmdale Center and an Executive Director of Special Programs. Our House of Senators will consist of 5 Academic senators and 3 Student Services senators whose responsibilities will align with the college dean structure. We have also changed the VP of Public Relations position to an Executive Directors position, to better match college organization. In order to better serve the student body, ASO officers will be required to volunteer at five ASO events per semester, and must volunteer for ASO committees.

Voting Yes on the ballot will approve these changes to the ASO Constitution. Voting No will keep the current ASO Constitution.

Faculty Inspiration Award

Mrs. Karen Lubick

Mrs. Marthe Aponte

Dr. Mark McGovern

Mr. VeJea Jennings

Dr. Darcy Wiewall