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Associated Student Organization (ASO): Elections


Do you want to have a voice in what’s happening on campus?  Then now is the time to get involved and run for a student leader position.

Open positions include Student Trustee and all positions in the Associated Student Organization (Officers and Senate).

To run for any of these positions, students must file a letter of intent which can be found in the ASO Group Page or at the Student Life and Activities office, SSV 180.

How to Vote

  1. Go to myavc.avc.edu
  2. Log into your myAVC account
  3. Click on Register and Access Student Records (middle of page)
  4. Click on Online Voting and Surveys
  5. VOTE

The ASO elections will be near the end of the Spring semester allowing time for the current officers to transition with the incoming officers.  The incoming officers will be sworn in once the qualifications have been met after the Spring semester grades are available.  The officers shall hold a term of one year until the end of the following Spring semester.

Voting for spring 2015 runs in April 2015.

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Qualifications for holding an ASO office

1.  Be an active member of the ASO

2.  Maintain and complete a minimum of five (5) units of course work at AVC each semester while holding office

3.  Have and maintain at least a 2.00 GPA at AVC

4.  The Executive Board (President, Vice Presidents, Secretary, and Treasurer) must have completed a minimum of twelve (12) units of college level course work at AVC during the time he/she takes office.

Each member of the ASO shall hold only one (1) district/campus-wide elected or appointed office at a time.  No ASO member can hold office for more than three (3) years collectively.  Students on disciplinary probation are ineligible to run for or hold any office in the organizational structure of the ASO.

The Election Code can be picked up in the Student Life and Activities office (SSV 180) now until April 20, 2015. 

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Candidates & Letters of Intent

Please read the letters of Intent for the students running for the Student Trustee and ASO officer and Senators for the 2015 – 2016 school year. 

Winners in the elections held April 27-30, 2015:  online through myAVC.

Student Trustee

Kimbirly Dolatowski

I believe that I could make a great contribution as the Student Trustee. I am currently an office in the Associated Student Organization and the Co-Chair to the Hearts and Hands Pantry and I want to have an even greater impact on the lives of the students here at AVC. As Student Trustee, I can be a voice for our students’ concerns at the board level. Also, I can help relay the vital information from the Board of Trustees to further help our ASO make informed decisions that impact our students.

ASO Officers


Shawn R. Smith

Dear AVC Voters:
Duty and Selfless Service can best describe this previous year, serving as Senator in our ASO. My name is Shawn Smith, and I’m currently running for the ASO Presidency.
Not only do I have the qualifications serving students as an ASO Senator, I am a Veteran, and Treasurer to the AVC Skills Club. When elected, I’ll use my collective experiences to continuously advocate for students at AVC, and beyond. I will also strive to build upon the diligent work of our predecessors; and, further our advocacy efforts.

Vote Shawn, for ASO President!
Humbly Yours,
Shawn R. Smith

Vice President of Academic Affairs

Maranatha Javines

It has been the greatest honor and pleasure of mine to serve as ASO Senator and Antelope Valley College’s delegate to the statewide student senate this past year. My experiences have helped me grow into an advocate full of the wisdom and passion necessary to properly address the unique needs of students at Antelope Valley College. I affirm that I will serve you, my fellow scholar, to the fullest as the ASO’s Vice President of Academic Affairs with the combination of my experience and relentless drive for service.

Vice President of Student Services

Dolores Avendano

I would like to run for Vice President of Student Services because I feel like I can utilize more of my abilities in that position. I am running for this position because I want to help provide more for the students and let them know more about the services that Antelope Valley College offers as well as expand their knowledge on them. What I would contribute to this position is making an effort to make sure all the students voices are heard and make sure the students are taken care of.
Thank you for your time and consideration.
-Dolores Avendano

Vice President of Club Affairs

Noemi Bustamante

Life at Antelope Valley College. While we each have our reasons for attending AVC, our experience does not have to be confined to those in a classroom. As a student that has actively participated in a club at AVC, I have gained not only new experiences, but supportive friends that share similar goals and values thus enhancing my college experience. Being actively involved on campus provides a sense of pride and accomplishment within ourselves and is visible in our AVC community. Let’s get involved and make our time here memorable!
Noemi Bustamante
Vice President of Club Affairs candidate

Vice President of Palmdale Center


Executive Director of Public Relations

Brenda Solis

Executive Director of Special Programs

Christopher Turner

Dear AVC Voter,
I am running for the position of Executive Director of Special Programs.  My vision for the college is to continue the work of the people before me, bring comprehensive programs to the college.  Many students need our support to be successful in education.  We need to create an environment that nurtures this.  As a ten-year Veteran in the U.S. Army, I guided and developed young minds.  This helped my Soldiers develop life skills to meet adversity.  As a leader of Soldiers and know what it takes to guide individuals to success.
Thank you
Christopher Turner


Ho Young Moon

Dear Voters:
As an ardent student of Antelope Valley College, I, Ho Young Moon, am running for the position of Treasurer for Associated Student Organization (ASO). With knowledge gained from attending the college for two years now with Biological Sciences as my intended major, and experience obtained from serving as Treasurer of the largest club on campus Alpha Iota— I am confident that I have the qualifications to provide a great skill regarding financial matter, as well as serving as a student representative to advocate for AVC students. 
Ho Young Moon


Ani Alaberkyan

I intend to participate in the Spring ASO election by running for the position of Secretary. I would contribute my efficiency and abilities with technology in making ASO run smoothly. I look forward to helping out my campus in every way possible. 

ASO Senators

Academic Senators

Jennifer Corona

I’m Jennifer Corona and I am running as an incumbent for a senators position. As being part of Antelope Valley College Associated Student Organization I have learned many different aspects. Being a part of an organization that dedicated so much time and effort to make a change for the better for the students is such an honor and aspires me to continue in this community. It is important that we, as leaders, listen to the students and their needs in order to make a change. It is our job to help these students in a way others can’t and it will be part of my duty to ensure the students voices are heard.

Hector Camacho

No Statement submitted

Student Services Senators


Senator of Counseling and Matriculation


Senator of Enrollment Services

Roxanna Vasquez

I am Roxanna Vasquez, I am rerunning for Senator of Enrollment. Also, I’m on the Committee of Strategic Planning. This was my first year of college and ASO, ASO has helped me with variety of issues from which I have learned to help others, that I wouldn’t have known if I didn’t have this position. Now I am more experienced with this position, I can help students with the same knowledge. As a first generation American, I know how frustrating college can be because students physically have to search for answers. My job as Enrollment Senator is to help students with issues regarding enrollment. 

Senator of Student Services


In order to better serve the student body, ASO officers will be required to volunteer at five ASO events per semester, and must volunteer for ASO committees.

Faculty Inspiration Award  2015

Dr. Darcy Wiewall