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Associated Student Organization (ASO): Elections


Do you want to have a voice in what’s happening on campus?  Then now is the time to get involved and run for a student leader position.

Open positions include Student Trustee and all positions in the Associated Student Organization (Officers and Senate).

To run for any of these positions, students must file a letter of intent which can be found in the ASO Group Page or at the Student Life and Activities office, SSV 180.

How to Vote

  1. Go to myavc.avc.edu
  2. Log into your myAVC account
  3. Click on Register and Access Student Records (middle of page)
  4. Click on Online Voting and Surveys
  5. VOTE

The ASO elections will be near the end of the Spring semester allowing time for the current officers to transition with the incoming officers.  The incoming officers will be sworn in once the qualifications have been met after the Spring semester grades are available.  The officers shall hold a term of one year until the end of the following Spring semester.

Voting for Spring 2015 runs in Apri 2015.

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Qualifications for holding an ASO office

1.  Be an active member of the ASO

2.  Maintain and complete a minimum of five (5) units of course work at AVC each semester while holding office

3.  Have and maintain at least a 2.00 GPA at AVC

4.  The Executive Board (President, Vice Presidents, Secretary, and Treasurer) must have completed a minimum of twelve (12) units of college level course work at AVC during the time he/she takes office.

Each member of the ASO shall hold only one (1) district/campus-wide elected or appointed office at a time.  No ASO member can hold office for more than three (3) years collectively.  Students on disciplinary probation are ineligible to run for or hold any office in the organizational structure of the ASO.

The Election Code can be picked up in the Student Life and Activities office (SSV 180) now until April 20, 2015. 

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Candidates & Letters of Intent

Please read the letters of Intent for the students running for the Student Trustee and ASO officer and Senators for the 2016 – 2017 school year. 

The election is April 27-30, 2015 online through myAVC.

Student Trustee


Vice President of Academic Affairs

Vice President of Student Services

Vice President of Club Affairs

Vice President of Palmdale Center

Executive Director of Public Relations


Executive Director of Special Programs




Senator of Counseling and Matriculation

Senator of Enrollment

Senator of Student Services


5 Academic Senators



In order to better serve the student body, ASO officers will be required to volunteer at five ASO events per semester, and must volunteer for ASO committees.

Faculty Inspiration Award