Social & Behavioral Sciences: Anthropology

Anthropology is the science of humankind, both past and present. It is a holistic discipline, which means that anthropologists study the similarities and differences in biological and cultural adaptations and features across the globe throughout all of human history. The field of Anthropology has been broken up into four main sub-fields: Archaeology, Cultural Anthropology, Physical Anthropology, and Linguistics. Archaeology is the study of our past, focused specifically on reconstructing past behavior by looking at objects used by past people. Cultural Anthropology is concerned with the study of human culture and its variations across time and space. Physical Anthropologists aim to study our species from a biological perspective- examining our DNA, relationship to our closest animal relatives, the primates and the fossil evidence of our earliest human ancestors. Linguistic Anthropologists study human language and communication. From this wide perspective anthropology helps us to understand other peoples and thereby enables us to better understand ourselves.


Last updated: January 9, 2018