Dog Bite Prevention

Dog Bite Prevention

Have you encountered an aggressive dog while walking in your neighborhood? Do you work in areas where you might come across aggressive dogs? No one wants to experience being bitten by an aggressive dog, and no one wants a family pet to injure an innocent person.


The Dog Bite Prevention course informs participants of:

  • Public health issues and costs of dog bites
  • Provides an overview of the laws and penalties concerning dangerous animals
  • Addresses elements of responsible dog ownership
  • Teaches students safe practices and ways to prevent dog bites


You’ll also learn what to do if you or someone else is bitten by a dog, the actions to take if your dog bites another person, dog bite myths, and ways to ensure that your children interact safely with both your own and strange dogs.


By teaching students how to identify potentially hazardous situations, the number of dog attacks minimizes. Thus decreasing insurance claims, worker’s compensation payment, liability issues, and the euthanizing of animals.

INSTRUCTOR BIOGRAPHY: Clark Brown has a diverse background in dog training and animal law enforcement. As an Animal Control Officer with the City of Los Angeles Department of Animal Services for almost 20 years, Mr. Brown is an instructor in the training division and for other city departments for dog bite prevention and animal handling. Clark developed the PETSYNC Education course based on his experience. He has also written Guide to Responsible Dog Ownership, Dog Bite Prevention.

Course Fee: $55

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Last updated: July 6, 2018