GRE Test Preparation

This seminar, presented by Innovation Education will provide instruction and review of the required academic skills needed by prospective graduate students preparing to take the GRE Exam. The class includes a pre-test evaluation, and covers analytical writing, verbal strategies, and comprehensive math practice. Emphasis will be placed on test-taking tips, strategies, and skill building.

Course Fee: $269

Material fee: $40 (2 GRE Test Prep Workbooks,Verbal/Math, and practice tests)

About the Instructor

Deborah Sinness, Founder and CEO of Innovation Education has over a decade of experience teaching Algebra and other math-related subjects to middle and high school students.  She is a credentialed teacher with a Bachelor of Science degree in Electronics Engineering Technology and a Master of Education with an emphasis in Instructional Technology.  In addition, Ms. Sinness has taught preparation courses for the CBEST, CSET, SAT, ACT and CAHSEE exams.

Last updated: July 29, 2019