Personal Development Courses: Italian - Step I

Dr. Estipahn Panoussi, former Professor of Italian at the University of Tehran, Iran brings you the language of romance, Italian. After a short introduction of the linguistic history of Italian within the Romance languages going back to Latin as one of the off springs of the Italic branch within the Indo-European languages.  The course will cover phonetics, phonology, the alphabet, and pronunciation, as well as basic conversationsand reading literary texts from different periods.

Fee: $300


Suggested texts to purchase:

1. Berlitz (Publisher), Essential Italian, (New York, 2004 Berlitz Publishing, 2006),

 2. Nicholas Albanese et al., Streetwise Italian, Dictionary/Thesaurus, the User-Friendly Guide to Italian Slang and Idioms, (New York, McGraw-Hill, 2005).

 3. Jane Wightwick, Italian Phrase Book, The Italian That Kids REALLY Speak (New York, McGraw-Hill, Way Cool, 2005).

About the Instructor

Dr. Estipahn Panoussi, instructor of Philosophy with AVC, possesses an impressive and extensive knowledge of languages, both spoken and written. Dr. Panoussi also translates ancient documents for institutions and organizations worldwide, and continues to actively research lost/dying languages.

Last updated: January 27, 2016