Retirement Planning

Whether a person is a few days away from retirement or a few years away, there are a number of key issues to address before they take that step. Jerry S. Blakely, certified financial planner, will help individuals analyze important issues that could have a positive or negative effect on what could be the retirement of their dreams. Participants will be able to discern what steps they should take to improve their future in the Five Key Areas of Financial Planning: 1) Protection/Insurance Planning, 2) Estate Planning, 3) Retirement Income Planning, 4) Tax Planning, and 5) Investment Planning; and how these key areas overlap and interact with each other. Course agenda will focus on how families may be able to grow, yet protect their wealth, minimize taxes, and keep it all in the family when they pass.

Course Fee: $49 (If you bring a guest or spouse, their fee is $21.00)

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What our students are saying:

"Effective teaching, great examples. Good class to learn the basics."

"Excellent overview of retirement sources of income. Good explanation of passing 401K or IRA to descendents.  Great discussion on value of living trusts."

"Very informative.""Very informative, great instructor. This class is very helpful for retirement planning."

"I'm really glad I took this course. It will be a help to me as I get closer to retirement and hopefully save me money in the long run."

"We loved the class, instructor, the classroom, everything was great! Even the price of the class!"


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Last updated: July 25, 2019