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Professional Development Courses: California Guard Card

This eight-hour training course, instructed by Bruce Rowe, is necessary to secure a California Guard Card. Students successfully completing this portion can then proceed to the California Campus Security Officer course. Fingerprinting ($76) and state licensing ($50) are also required to secure a Guard Card.
Fee: $55

About the Instructor

Bruce Rowe’s career in the Security field began in the late 80’s as a Campus Security Officer, while attending college in Huntsville, Alabama. He has served both the private and public sectors, and is a former Captain and Senior Training Officer for the A.V.C. Campus Safety and Police Department. Mr. Rowe’s qualifications extend well beyond state compliance standards for the BSIS California Guard Card. He is CPR/First Aid/AED certified, has Tazer training, and holds Pepper Spray, Baton, and Fire Arms permits, as well as certifications for P.O.S.T.; C.E.R.T.; F.E.M.A; and L.A.S.D. Community Response training. Mr. Rowe has committed many service hours as a Volunteer on Patrol for the Palmdale Sheriff’s Department and brings a high standard of skills and integrity to his students.

What Students Are Saying...

“Mr. Rowe is overall a fantastic instructor. Very helpful and had great interaction with students.”

“He is an outstanding instructor. He makes learning fun."

“Learned a lot! Fantastic class.”

“Instructor had a great sense of humor, and went above and beyond what was required.”

“The class was really fun, energetic, and informative."

“It was a good class.”

“Over all the class was well presented and had a good instructor. I would recommend for others to take this class.”

"Excellent course!"

"Very informative course."

"Mr. Rowe was fantastic and very on point with the steps and making sure that every student understood every aspect of being a guard card officer."

"Perfect teacher! I understood everything!"

"The instructor had plenty of patience with helping and answering questions."

"Thank you for being a great help and for providing as much information as you can. Very down to earth and appreciate the dedication to being honest and outgoing."

"Great class! Excellent presentation!"

I really enjoyed this course and will recommend it to my friends."

"Very educational, good hands on training."

"Outstanding instructor. He knows what he is talking about, very interactive with students. He is a funny guy."

"Great class and great people!"

"Enjoyed this class, need more instructors like him."

"This was a great and fun class!"

Last updated: December 19, 2017