Travel Policies and Procedures

Business Services: Travel

Policies & Procedures

Trip Request Process

Processing a Trip Request Form takes a minimum of 12 business days.  Therefore, all required travel documentation must be completed and received by the Business Services-Purchasing Department a minimum of 10 business days prior to the first day of travel.  See Trip Request DocTrip Request Documentation Checklist (updated 7-26-17) to streamline your request.

If the Requester submits less than 10 business days prior to the first day of travel, he/she will be responsible to book and obtain reimbursement from the District.  The Requester may also contact his/her Department VP to book the travel with the Department VP’s District Travel card.

# of Business Days and Process:

1          Completed Trip Requested submitted to Business Services-Purchasing Department with all required documentation.

2          Per the Trip Request Form, FOAP and budget must be verified & budget transfer (if needed) completed.

2          Executive Director of Business Services signature obtained.

2          Quote approval sent to travel agent.

2          Travel agent processes quote and responds within 48 hours if pricing has changed.

2          If quote prices have increased by 10% or more, Purchasing will request approval from the fund manager.

2          Purchasing processes travel, encumbers funds for Trip Request, and forwards documentation to Accounts Payable for payment.

12 = Total Business Days

Board Deadlines

Travel Authorization Report
Trip Requests must be received by the deadline dates listed within the Board Deadlines to ensure processing on the Travel Authorization Report.  Trip Requests that miss the deadline will be processed for the next scheduled Regular Board of Trustees meeting.

Purchase Order Schedule Report
All Requisitions that require the Board of Trustee's approval prior to work beginning, orders being placed, or payment being made (account 5100, $25K+, etc.) must be fully approved in the Banner system by the Board Deadline dates to ensure processing on the Purchase Order Schedule Report.  If a Requisition is not fully approved by the desired deadline date, it is the responsibility of the requester to submit a Board Communication for their request.

Click here for a list of Board Deadline dates.

Last updated: December 19, 2019