Instructors may require use of ConferZoom for online meetings.

This video was put together by Zoom to introduce students to using Zoom 
The Participants Guide is for people attending an online meeting using Zoom

ConferZoom web page logo


Instructors use this link to sign up for a ConferZoom account.
The Members Guide is useful for instructors that want to present online to students or colleagues


Joining ConferZoom Meeting Using a Browser

Did you know you do not have to download the Zoom application as a participant?

When launching Zoom as a participant it wants to download and use Zoom but you may be on a computer where that is not possible. Instead use the link at the bottom of the dialog to launch in Web Browser!

Where it states, "If you cannot download or run the application, start from your browser." the Start from your browser part of the statement is a link to launch Zoom in a web browser.

The link to open Zoom using only a web browser at bottom of window

Materials for using ConferZoom in a classroom to record lectures (podcasting)

ConferZoom for Classroom (podcasting) directions

Last updated: April 22, 2020