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Interdisciplinary Learning Committee (ILC)

The Interdisciplinary Learning Committee seeks to promote and support faculty discussion, action, and alignment across the curriculum, resulting in more student-centered interdisciplinary learning, program revision, and professional development. The committee serves the mission of the college, by addressing pedagogical innovation, academic diversity, foundational learning, transfer education, and career pathways, and its goals coincide with all six of the college’s institutional learning outcomes.

The ILC works to systematize reading, writing, and critical thinking standards across campus through rubrics, learning outcomes, and attention to basic skills. The committee goals include promoting faculty interaction and sense of shared purpose across the curriculum, encouraging faculty professional development presentation with interdisciplinary learning frameworks, creating new strategies and structures for student-focused learning communities and integrated instruction, aligning interdisciplinary learning with transfer model curricula, and linking interdisciplinary learning with college budget decisions. Ultimately, the committee seeks to associate interdisciplinary learning with the ideas of diversity, cultural awareness, and global citizenship.

Last updated: September 1, 2015