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VP Office of Student Services

The mission of Student Services is to provide an environment conducive to learning through a comprehensive system of programs, instruction, educational opportunities and services delivered to a diverse population that enhance student success and facilitate achievement of lifelong educational, career, and personal goals.

Student Services Offices

  • Enrollment Services

    The mission of Enrollment Services is to serve as a continuous resource for students throughout their academic experience.  Enrollment Services serves as a source for admissions, registration, evaluation/graduation, enrollment verification, and the production of a timely and accurate transcript.  We are committed to a positive student experience by offering a variety of accurate, efficient, and prompt services using a variety of resources and technologies.

  • Assessment

    The mission of the Assessment Center is to support the academic needs and educational goals of students by providing timely, secure, and reliable academic skills assessment and testing services while endeavoring to improve the quality of the teaching and learning process.

  • CalWORKs

    The mission of the CalWORKS program is to assist the students in their educational and personal goals.  CalWORKs students are provided education and job preparation training to enhance their marketable skills that are necessary to make a smooth transition from welfare dependency to long-term self-sufficiency.

  • Career Center

    The mission of the Career Center is to serve community members and students upon entry into the college and throughout their college experience, by providing them with career assessment, career services, and resource materials to help them formulate their career and educational plans.

  • Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD)

    The mission of the Office for Students With Disabilities (OSD) Program is to provide students with disabilities equal access to education by offering quality support services that directly relate to a student’s limitations as a result of their disability. The OSD Program assists students with their understanding and acceptance of their limitations as a result of their disability and to also promote and foster independence by teaching students to articulate their needs to AVC instructors and staff. Moreover the OSD Program is committed to the academic success and personal growth of all students with disabilities at AVC.

  • EOP&S

    The mission of the Extended Opportunity Program and Services (EOP&S) program is to support the primary goals of recruiting, retaining, and transitioning students who have language, social, economic, and/or educational disadvantages.  The program provides student support delivery service and programs which are “over, above, and in addition” to the regular programs and services offered by the college.

  • Financial Aid

    Recognizing we are here for the students, we are committed to the prompt delivery of student financial aid.  We strive to provide quality service to students, the community, and our colleagues with integrity and compassion.  We encourage development of teamwork, cooperation and innovation, as well as the pursuit of increased knowledge.

  • Health Services

    The mission of Health Services is to provide direct medical care and referral services.  This is currently provided through a contracted service company who visits the campus once a week.  We also provide educational information and programs related to health promotions, prevention, and wellness.  Health-related brochures are available for students who want to purchase medical, dental, and eye insurance plans.

  • Job Placement

    The mission of the Job Placement Center is to provide continuous and comprehensive assistance to students and members of the community.  Opportunities are offered to secure gainful employment and to ensure the realization of educational and professional goals.

  • Outreach/Information Welcome Center

    The mission of the Information/Welcome Center (Outreach) provides accurate information and appropriate referral services about college programs, services, and procedures to students, faculty, staff, and the community at-large in a manner that is pleasant and inviting and effectively reaches out to both traditional and non-traditional students for the purpose of recruitment, matriculation and retention at Antelope Valley College.


    The mission of the S.T.A.R./Student Support Services TRIO Program is to provide first generation, low income, and/or disabled students with support services so they can be successful in obtaining an Associates degree or meeting the requirements to transfer.

  • Student Life

    The mission of the Student Development and College Activities Office is to provide an environment that fosters and facilitates the planning and implementation of educational, cultural, and recreational events and activities that expand the leadership abilities and civic responsibilities to the community at large.

  • Transfer Center

    The mission of the Transfer center is to identify, recruit, and motivate Antelope Valley College students representing diverse backgrounds as well as all socioeconomic levels, and provide appropriate support services enabling them to select and apply to four-year colleges and universities in order to complete a baccalaureate degree.

  • Veteran's Affairs

    The mission of the Veterans Affairs Program is to provide assistance through education, certification and guidance to military veterans and their dependents in achieving their educational objectives and to effectively promote the retention, graduation, and transfer of military veteran students and their dependents.


Last updated: August 6, 2015