ASO Marauder Academic Peer Success (MAPS)

What is MAPS?

  • ASO Marauder Academic Peer Success (MAPS) is a student run program dedicated to help students reach their full potential by setting and acquiring attainable goals.
  • Students will be encouraged to transfer, earn certificates, and graduate with the help of a student mentorship program.

How would it help?

  • Provide extra support to students to motivate and inspire.
  • Help students be connected with the campus.
  • Provide students with a learning community.
  • Be your CHEERLEADER!

Program Benefits

  • Social and Cultural Events.
  • MAPS "Wrap It Up" - end of the year celebration.
  • Priority registration to members who meet the criteria through ASO.
  • Special recognition at college functions.
Last updated: February 23, 2016