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Honors Option Contract

Honors Option Contract Terms of Agreement

  • Honors contracts are enacted voluntarily by both instructor and a student that is a member of the Honors program.
  • Honors contracts are designed and proposed by the instructor and student and submitted by the 4th week of the semester (fall and spring) and the 2nd week of summer session. Exceptions may be made with permission from the Honors coordinator.
  • Honors contracts are approved by the Honors Coordinator and/or Honors committee members.
  • Honors contracts must be completed by the end of the semester; there are no incompletes allowed for Honors contracts.
  • An Honors contract is evaluated by the instructor solely on the basis of whether or not its requirements were completed satisfactorily and the student maintains satisfactorily progress throughout the course.
  • A student may choose to discontinue a contract at any time during the semester. However if this occurs twice, a student may be subject to additional inquiry by the Honors coordinator.
  • Instructors are able to terminate contracts, especially if the student is not performing satisfactorily in the various course assignments and assessments.
  • Honors Contracts are available for GE transfer-level courses only (3 units or higher).
  • Notation on student’s transcript = “(H)” will appear after the course title on the student’s transcripts. For example: Political Science 101 (H)

Last updated: January 11, 2018